Episode-957- Glen Tate – Author of the New Book Series “299 Days” — 41 Comments

  1. I love how all my podcast are coming together! I knew about Mike Hughes and the sirt from the GunDudes. And Glen was just on the gunrunner podcast! Both of these shows love and plug jack/tsp. Thanks jack for another great interview!

  2. What an awesome way to start the morning! I look forward to reading all the books as they come out. Heavy G is such an asset to the boards.

    Best of luck,
    (Eriko on the forums)

  3. What an inspiration!!Makes me want to get on the forums, too. This is a community rich with resources, for sure!!

    • Hillhag, please do join the forum! Your life experiences would be much valued and I think you’d feel right at home.

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  5. Gah, to bad the publication didn’t start happening back at the beginning of summer. So want to read these, but new semester is about to start and being an English literature major I already have a lot to read lol Can’t wait til winter break.

    Great interview.

  6. I’m interested in Glen’s political insights. He mentions in your interview how far Left his State and city are. He’s got me beat in that I don’t live or work in my states capitol but as for the state in general, I’m sure Washington has nothing on Vermont when it comes to Leftism.

  7. This is so stinkin’ cool – one of our own, a published author. All signed up & can’t wait for the first two to release.

  8. Jack and Glen – great show! I am really looking forward to reading the series of books.
    Glen – I have already been to your site and signed up, and received the free downloads. Based on your interview, I think you’ll bring a great perspective to prepping in the book series, as you have done a great job of researching the material before putting in into the book. Can’t wait till the release date to start the journey through your book series. I also really enjoyed how you developed as an author through this whole process, from finding out from your wife’s books how to properly place commas. Remember, that Thomas Edison once said that “genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration”, and I think you have a future as an author. Go for it!

  9. Nice interview. I love prepper/disaster fiction. I consider “Lights Out” the top of the genera. I am looking forward to reading this series.

  10. I’m looking forward to reading this, and hoping that you’ll have ebook copies available. I’ll throw up a review on Goodreads and Amazon when as well.

    • Thanks. Reviews on Amazon are HUGE and much appreciated. You can start doing that on September 1.

  11. Glen, I think you are spot on. I work in the California Government and I see the same corruption down here, maybe more. Once a crissis happens I can forsee some in the remaining government working to perpetuate the cercumstances because that is what their new found power is based upon. I look forward to reading your books.

    • I’m getting lots of emails and PMs on the TSP forum from “.gov” people who say the same thing. My front row seat to the corruption is what makes 299 Days different than other prepper novels.

  12. I listened to this podcast and thought of this movie preview. Jack, I would love to see you get these guys on. The movie is called Gray State and it is about the USA after it has become a police state.

  13. This is one of the most fun podcasts I’ve heard in the last year. Maybe it’s ’cause Glen and I have had so many conversations about these books in the last year and getting to hear him here just reinforces that he made it.

    I’m so proud of you, G. You’re amazing. Thanks for including all of us in your journey.

    • Thanks, Sis. We’ve talked at length about how amazing the TSP mods are. I wish, wish, wish we could tell people about the all the amazing people who are TSP mods but most of us have concerns about our real identity getting out there. It’s such a huge honor to be a mod here.

    • The brand is called “Commercial Cool” it is 8000 BTUs and only draws about 800 watts while running with about 1300 “start up”. It has been a god send we will likely buy a second after the next move. I purchased it at Lowes for if I remember right about 350 dollars.

      We use it often even if all systems are go. On nights where it is okay out but you still want the AC for sleeping we set the house AC up high and put this thing in the window when we go to bed, it has saved enough money on the electric bill from that alone to pay for itself.

      We also set it up in the main room on 110 degree days if we have a lot of people over, that little extra push keeps temps down even when you have a full house on a ridiculously hot day. The best part is it is easy to move, doesn’t look like crap sticking out a window, would not be easy for a thief to steal at night during a black out and it is really a lot more quiet then most window units.

  14. Jack and Glen. There is a book out there that deals with partial collapse and that is “World made by Hand” by James Howard Kunstler, it is fictional as well.

    • I did not know that. I was serious when I said I don’t read books. Thanks, Brent.

  15. I just got done reading the first “bonus chapter” and it looks like it could be an interesting book. Thanks to “Glen” for putting it out there, doing what your heart was telling you to do. Hopefully, you’ll inspire others to do the same in their own ways.

  16. Nice interview, casual, laid back. Glen interviewed very well. Jack, your audio quality is simply fantastic. I’ve listened to other podcasts and get so irritated with their volume variations, background noise, uncomfortable pauses, static etc. I don’t think most listeners quite appreciate how much work is involved to ‘clean’ things up when doing a podcast.

  17. Great podcast! I am subscribing to your website and look forward to the book release! Great take on how things could go! I agree that the message needs to get out asap!


  18. Excellent podcast! His story sound much more like what looks like will be happening. Looking forward to buying the books.

  19. Great interview, and I’m really looking forward to reading the series. I’d also like to second Jack’s point about how interesting it’d be to continue the series with telling the story of the recovery period. Jack’s right, most books and movies end right when the crisis is over, you never get to see the rebuilding. I think that’d be very interesting.
    Not that writing 10 books isn’t enough! But you could probably get another 10 just talking about the recovery. Just sayin’ 🙂

  20. Just finished the first two books.

    Review: AWESOME. I think this partial collapse scenario is so realistic.

    I loved David Crawford’s “Lights Out” and Thomas Sherry’s “Deep Winter” novels and JF Perkins’ “Renewal” series, but I think “299 Days” is going to be my favorite “prepper fiction” series.

    Well done, Heavy G! It is going to be hard to wait for that third book!

  21. Just listened through this, and heard you talking about the Oath Keepers and others who will disobey unjust orders etc, and your 10% are scum theory, and wonder (without putting any tin foil on my head) if that might not be why the infiltration of gangs into the military is being tolerated at so many levels? The idea being that you can’t get brothers and cousins to kill their own people, but you could easily get gang members to kill whoever you’ll reward them to kill.


  22. My boyfriend downloaded the first two books to his Nook. He is chomping at the bit for the next one to be published. I haven’t bit the bullet yet at Amazon; but, they are in my “cart”. Glen, is there any chance these will be recorded for audio? I enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts while attending to daily tasks. It is much easier to make the time for audio books than sitting down and reading the hard copy.