Episode-1924- Tim Glance on Restoring Old Jeeps — 10 Comments

  1. A few things that Tim skimmed over.

    In case you’re wondering, they did make a CJ4, it just never made it out of prototypes.

    There’s also an M38A1C, which is the same as a 38A1, but set up for a recoilless rifle, and had a split windshield as the main difference.

    There are also CJ6s, which are much less common, but are basically a CJ5 but with a longer wheelbase, so they have more room, especially with a back seat installed. There was a military version of the 6 called the M170 as an ambulance, the way to tell it’s a 170 is that the passenger side door opening is much longer to allow a stretcher to fit in and out. The M170s are pretty rare, so I’d stick with Tim’s statement on WW2 Jeeps and collectors.

    • I like the vocals but got that constant incessant music. Nope. LOL Note I mean that sort of rag time piano shit. Wow, that hurts my head.

  2. What would be a source to buy one that’s not $10,000 and up. All I can find is fully restored ones from Dr. Google.

  3. Hey random question from someone who doesn’t own a homestead (yet). What uses would you use a Jeep for? Or a side by side for that matter. Wouldn’t a truck just be better? Or is this kind of like assuming you also have a truck. Thanks in advance everyone.

    • Jeeps and side by sides can go where trucks can’t. A lot of that has to do with their short wheel bases. They are also a LOT softer on the land. My truck weighs 8200 pounds, that is a lot of compaction on 4 tires of surface area. Most of your Willys Jeeps are about 2400-2500 pounds.

      They can also fit into places a full size vehicle can’t. And as Tim mentioned you can equip them with PTOs at that point you can do almost anything with them you could do with a tractor.

  4. Hey Jerry W.,
    I just looked up the listing on eBay that you shared and couldn’t believe that it was only about 15/20 mins from me…
    I live in Elkhart, about 5/10 mins from the Michigan state line.
    I saw that you’re just a couple of hours away…
    What a small world.
    Have a great day…!