Episode-1624- Get your plants off Welfare with Mike Vertrees — 11 Comments

  1. Great episode, and I loved the idea of a business spraying compost tea on suburban lawns, but I must admit, from the title, I was expecting something more like Mark Shepard’s Sheer Total Utter Neglect method.

    I’m going to listen to episode 1419 now to see if he mentions it there.

    • LOL, sorry, Mark’s wife made him change the name to Strategic Total Utter Neglect to be more accurate. I did adopt his STUN method and applied it to my chickens with great success.

      • I think the 3-4 daily cups of scratch grain disqualifies my chickens as being STUN method, but they are definitely free range; their roost is 20 feet up in my blue spruce. My first set of Swedish ducks, however, was most definitely STUN, inadvertently, due to inadequate fencing; we still get occasional sightings of black ducks in the area.

  2. Great episode! This is an exciting topic for me. Mike do you have any suggestions in what to look for in a microscope? I’m finding a few on Craigslist and am wondering how fancy I need to go for optimum results. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Jack for correcting me on the “1st legislature in North America” remark. I don’t know enough about Indian organizational features to comment on them, except that I know that before Samoset met with the Pilgrims, he met with several surrounding tribes before he acted. That looked a lot like a legislature from the 10,000 foot view but looking closer it seemed more like rival tribes joining together for defense against a common enemy.

    Alex Shrugged

  4. Disclaimer I have not heard the podcast yet. The soils course sounds cool, but I was thinking the BDC was coming next. I have been waiting holding my breath for that!!

  5. Really enjoyed the show, especially since it featured another Middle Tennessean! I’ve been a fair to middling composter for a decade or so – looks like it is time to ratchet it up. Been interesting making compost this year. I used to water my compost in the desert, and this year, in middle TN, I think I should have made it in a boat, with all the rain we’ve had! Got a few acres, on the way towards self-sufficiency, and living that good life, for when “times get tough, or even if they don’t.” Thanks again for an awesome show and a consistently high quality podcast.

  6. This was another episode that made me realize how profoundly ignorant I am. 😉

    Its great to hear, even obliquely, about something based in science rather than opinion. And as always, startling to hear about the profound difference the application of this scientific understanding makes to results.

    The fantastic thing being, that this knowledge can be so quickly shared and applied. We truly are living in a golden age of information.

    This was also another reminder of how much I appreciate the QUALITY of the members of the TSP community. Its profoundly humbling, and a challenge to my own daily level of thought/action/growth.

    Thanks Mike!