Get Sentinel Silver, Swag and More — 76 Comments

  1. jack,

    not sure if it’s an issue with my computer, but the video is cutting out early. i tried going to youtube and it did the same thing after about four minutes.

    • I had the same thing (Firefox) at 5:37. Last thing I heard was “So I’m gonna call them what the police depart-“. Awesome looking coin though, I’ll be awaiting the end of the countdown.

      • Likely you were watching the HD version before youtube had it fully processed. Try it again,

    • I think it is an issue with your computer. I watched it at my end with no problems.

  2. Jack,

    One thing that would make your videos much better is if you would look at your web camera instead of the screen to see what you are looking like. It would give you a much more personal connection to your audience, and make it look like you are looking them in the eye. Love the coins!

  3. Will the standard sentinel proof round be released at the same time? If not, will it be possible to delay shipment a bit to combine shipping?

    • Yes the Limited Edition Proof with Ant and Standard Production Run BU with Shield and Weapons will both be released tonight.

      There will be a Proof Version of the Shield and Weapons Version in the future but that will be quite a while. But yes you can get BUs and the Poofs in one order.

      • I was actually asking about the proof version of the Shield and Weapons round, but you just answered that. I was figuring if it was a week or two, I’d just pre-pay now, and have them ship when the other was ready.

    • lol…

      Pick an episode. Any episode this side of about #50, and in the first 5 minutes he’ll inevitably say something about trying to send messages through social media or forums…

      Not trying to pick on you, I just found it funny.

  4. Very nice design. Will history repeat itself? That remains to be seen. This coin will serve as a reminder of what a few determined people are really capable of. Job well done.

  5. As they say in Newfoundland.. “Lord love a duck”

    That is one beautiful coin.

    • I’m seeing the counter reflect pacific time. These better not be sold out on the East coast before the west coast gets a shot.

      Jack – Do you know if access will open nation wide at the same time? Hate to see this get sullied by a time zone bug.

      • When it is open for one it will be open for all. I will email Rob about the Pacific time thing right now.

  6. I’m in PA and it’s showing 12:00 Eastern time, a little over 1:30 to go here.

  7. I’m in MST and shows just under 2 hours left….which is right on midnight local time. It isn’t live yet is it?

  8. Odd time is 1207am and still can’t buy em. What time zone is this going by?

  9. For me (EST..well, EDT), it shows “this project will be available NOW”, but the usual add to cart button still says “Coming May 8th” (and clicking on it does nothing). Tried in both Firefox and Chrome.

    • It goes live at midnight central, when that happens no matter what counters say now it will be live for all. I have the mint team making sure of that right now, even this late at night.

  10. It’s gonna be a long day for those of us on the East Coast who have to go to work at 6am….but hey, my kids will have something valuable in more ways than one.

  11. Yea, it’s telling me 30 days now. Least I didn’t miss the opening!

    Anybody else feel like they’re camping out for Zeppelin tickets or something?? 🙂

  12. Woohoo, can add to cart now! Although I tried the MSB code in the Benefits section and the site says “Coupon code “codeHere” not valid.” Is there a new one? If the code doesn’t apply to the new ones, that’s okay. Just thought I might as well try it.

  13. I tried MSB and it looks like it only applied to the 2nd amendment coins I got… ?

  14. Successfully ordered 2 Proof limited editions and 5 BU’s, but wasn’t able to use the MSB discount code. Jack, is there a way to have TSPMint honor the code?

    • I don’t know why the code isn’t working with the BUs, on the mint now to fix it. The discount doesn’t apply to the Proofs, never did and we never said it wold that said if you want your two bucks email me and I will paypal it to you.

      • I do understand that the discount code wouldn’t apply to the limited edition coins, but it should’ve for the 5 BU Sentinel coins?

      • I for care about this –> || much… maybe less. If Rob’s people can fix it for the BUs on their end great, if not, I won’t be crying over $10.

        • I agree; I’m happy to have been able to order them. I’ll give a quick call to AOCS in the morning before I send my check. If they’re willing to adjust – great. If not, I’m still a happy camper! Can’t wait to see these things for real!

  15. This is when you know the sever has smoke rising from it:

    “There has been an error processing your request

    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 1749049919”

  16. I got to place order, then it knocked me back to the start I the cart!!!

  17. 689 left…got my 5. Got 10 of the new sentinel as well and 5 2nd ammendments.

  18. FYI, I had to go through checkout 3 times and on the fourth it completed. Good luck. Pray for me that my wife doesn’t kill me. I told her I was ordering my fathers day gift for myself this year. : )

  19. Wow, 800 sold in 6 hours?!?! One every 27 seconds? That’d be impressive in the middle of the day, let alone midnight to six am! Well done Rob and Jack.

  20. I got my order in just before they sold out. You’ve changed my life in a profound and positive way, Jack. I had to get one!

  21. The The Sentinel Brilliant Uncirculated coin is bad ass! I am do for some silver at the end of this month and I think these will be the ones.

    The problem is I will probably end up giving them away to people as gifts because they are so damn cool.