A Stark Message to all Youtube Content Creators – Get on LBRY — 4 Comments

  1. It is easier to download the video.  But it isn’t encoded to the various resolutions which means it doesn’t play over by barbed wire phone line (1 megabit per second).  Will look into it further; thankyou.

  2. The system has some buffer problems. Hopefully they will resolve the technical issues to become a more useable platform.

  3. I might humbly suggest that you have a look at PeerTube. It’s an open source, federated, decentralized alternative to YouTube. It’s powerful stuff, much like it’s social media cousin, Mastodon. Of course, like any alternative to a monolith, traffic is lighter. But like you pointed out, it’s not like you have to just use one. is another place to put content and ensure its longevity.

  4. Yeah, my biggest problem with the YouTube competitors is them not having multiple resolutions. I really don’t need to be watching 1040p on my cell phone, 240p is just fine (and really, a lot of them I just listen to in the background so 144p is fine for a lot of them also). Unfortunately there is no option for that. Once they have that I think I’ll watch more videos on these other platforms. But I’m glad the competition is picking up on these other platforms!

    Also, I used to be against Stefan, but I think he might have toned down a lot of what he was doing before that I disliked. So, now I’m a supporter of his again. Partly the BLM/Antifa stuff going on made wonder what on earth was going on in the world which got me starting to fund a lot of liberty/freedom loving people/organizations.