Get a Food Forest In A Box for Under 300 Bucks — 26 Comments

  1. What a great deal!

    I jumped on it, but I am kinda nervous about the pecan.

    I hope everything will grow here in SE Michigan (ZONE 6A).

    • Everything seems to be in the 5-9 zone area that I looked up from the website individual selections.

    • The website has that info on most of the selections, but you need to search for them individually. They come right up. This is an awesome deal but they don’t have a phone number (Facebook and Twitter only) and I need to know if the trees are all non-GMO and whether or not they are organic. I assume since the farm is a permaculture farm that all these items grow together well, but I would love the ability to make a phone call and have a 5 minute chat with the farmer, but they are probably working the farm and have a low overhead so I completely get it. The seedling apple are full grown and are a hybrid that sound fabulous.

    • The only one on that list that doesn’t survive zone 4 is the Pecan. Better advice could be given with more specifics than hardiness zone.

  2. Which root stocks are these trees grafted to? I would be careful buying trees without getting more details.

    • These are all seed grown trees on their own root stocks. And all the details you seek are on the site if you just read the descriptions of the trees listed there.

  3. If I didn’t ready spend $700 on seaberries with Grant I would jump all over that deal. With local nurserys purchases and Grant my budget pretty much been reached this summer LOL. Thanks Jack maybe next time.

  4. like a boss. Thanks Jack I wanted paw paws anyway. Kiwis will wait until next year

  5. Great deal and perfect starter for the new property. I’m determined to get some Paw Paw genetics that will grow out here in the western states.

  6. Grant, do you ship in the fall? I’m not sure I’d want to start trees now in Phoenix AZ going into summer.

    • Yes, I can delay shipment til November, but unsure on able to deliver crazy pricing then. Willing to treat it as a Tree CSA? Pay now, ship later?


  7. I bought the package and tried to get my friends to buy as well. When are the packages shipping? Thank you Grant.

    in Northern Virginia

    • I’ll be shipping these over the next few weeks, with highest priority to our southernmost customers. Parts of the midwest just got 12″ of snow today!


  8. Thanks Jack and Grant.

    TSP membership payed for itself for the next couple years. . . even if I didn’t have to be a member to get the deal.

  9. If I planted all the trees and had reasonable success, how many would be alive in 5 years? Is that a guessable number or not really? Thanks

  10. What a deal! I’m in. Not sure I can use all 80 but I am sure I can find them all a good home. I may just go all “Johnny Appleseed” and give what I cant use away from the top of the driveway. I am relay looking forward to the Antonovka Apples and the Chestnuts.

  11. I jumped on this deal as soon as I read Jack’s email. I live in So Cal, high desert (Antelope Valley). I bought 4 local fruit trees last weekend for $35/ea. This offer is less than $4/tree, what a deal. I plan to plant 4 tress and sell the rest!

    Thank you for an incredible deal!!!

  12. Not currently in the market but appreciate your efforts on our behalf.
    Hoping the family (including the doggies) is doing well.

  13. My order is supposed to ship Monday. I am looking forward to it. Great deal.
    Thank you Grant!

  14. I received my trees and already have new leaves starting. They look great. My wife is excited for the bonus Magnolia too. Thank you for that.

    I currently can’t get them into the ground for at least another month or so until I move up to the property. My plan is to either put them in my unused raised beds at my current location to keep them happy and alive then transplant them later or put them in some spare 5 gal nursery pots I have, possibly 2-3 per pot for the smaller trees.

    Which way do you recommend? How many could I put into a 5 gal container?

  15. We planted 3/4 in an unused raised bed for transplant this coming winter. the other 1/4 are in 5gal buckets. sprouting leaves and looking good. A fantastic deal! Thx Jack and Grant