Get 10% off A Rocket Stove from Steven Harris — 2 Comments

  1. It is a great offer, but this requires some clarification.
    The rocket stove shown is one unit and appears to be well designed for long life. The Power Pot that generates thermal power is a separate unit that doesn’t require the rocket stove to work. It can generate power with a different heat source, like a butane or propane stove. Steve says in his video that you want a low-heat flame. So, just wondering, what other heat sources might work? Top of the woodstove? Tripod in front of the fireplace? Cook fire in the middle of the woods? Firepit in the back yard?
    Thanks, Steve, for continuing to develop and improve products!

  2. There are photos on of about every single way of heating the power pot, including over some burning logs. Take a look at the photos. I have it on every stove I own, well, I have a lot more, but I put it on all of the common stoves.

    Yes, you can buy the power pot on its own if you so desire, its right on the website.