Geoff Lawton’s Online PDC is Now Live and Ready for Sign Ups — 78 Comments

  1. Just signed up! Thanks for doing this. I’ve looked at taking courses previously but it is too hard for me to be away from home that long. This is perfect! 🙂

  2. Hm… Now how to come up with 874 bucks… not that it’s not worth that, its just that I probably can’t right now. Hope there will be another one soon.

  3. Just signed up for the class and am excited about this new adventure. Hoping to turn this certification into business that I can develop and grow, so I can retire from my current job.

    Jack – Thank You for working with Geoff to bring us this great opportunity!

  4. I’m in. I’m not sure how “homework” or “tests” will be given. How will Geoff ensure students earn the PDC? These are questions I have. But I’m in…learning from Geoff is an opp too good to pass up.

  5. Wow, thats still really pricey 🙁
    Great content, but still outside my realm. Hopefully I can afford to attend your 2014 urban class you discussed a couple days ago.

  6. Damnit Jack! You just cost me $900 dude. In the best possible way. Going back to school is what unemployed people do right?

  7. Just signed up – I wouldn’t have even known about this had it not been for your site. Thanks for teaming up to provide the great discount! Off to watch the intro videos…

  8. Signed up! Awesome MSB benefit Jack, thanks for looking out for us.

  9. Anyone in the DFW area interested in sharing the cost? I can split it with someone in the Fort Worth area. Not sure if this is kosher with Jack or not…just trying to get into this course. Thank you.

    • Nice thought, but I read explicitly that this is not allowed – it is a one person course. I

  10. Is this a one time deal? I am dying to do it but I would rather wait when I have more time to really study the videos and enjoy…

    • The notes say that you’ll get the whole course on DVD, and the videos and such will be online for 6 months.

      Still too costly for us, but congrats to everyone who signed up!

  11. AAAnd I’m in.

    Thanks Jack for getting us that discount.

    I am hoping there is some way to network up some actual getting hands dirty dirt work, but even if not I am looking forward to the experience.

    Also, anyone else in the Portland Metro area signing up lets make a local user group.

  12. Thanks Jack. Both me and hubby signed up WHAT A SAVINGS!!! We are so excited about starting this together. Ha and that means hubby finally got signed into MSB also. I know he will get as much out of it as I have maybe even more if that is possible. Thank you so much.

  13. For some reason any link to Geoff’s site goes to the online course video. Even going directly to his main page. I have the other videos bookmarked but now they all leaf to the Add to Cart button.

  14. I just sent in my MSB “service discount” email to Jack to see if I can get the get the discount. I have been meaning to join for some time, but this more than pays for it. Not sure I will get into the class though. Why is he limiting “seats” in an online course?

    • Because Geoff is going to be personally involved and answering questions and such. Think of the difference of answering questions from 100 people versus 1,000 people. You’d never be able to leave the computer. 🙂

  15. I’m in! Thanks for the MSB discount! Just an FYI, if anyone is thinking about doing this, you might want to give your credit card company a heads up. Large transactions from overseas are often rejected on the first go around due to the bank’s fraud guidelines.

  16. I have been researching online PDCs but really wanted one through Geoff Lawton. Now I can! Awesome!
    Hoping to turn this into an urban permaculture business.
    Thanks for the discount Jack.

  17. Just signed up! SOOOOOOO excited. MSB just paid for its self several times over again. Thank you so much Jack! Same to Geoff too.

  18. Got the MSB paid for, used it to join the course. Just paid for itself three times over in the first 5 minutes. Cool

  19. Anyone else pay with PayPal? My card go flagged so I used PayPal instead, but I didn’t get any kind of confirmation email from them. Am I the only one?

  20. Paid, done, PayPal receipt in hand (figuratively speaking), see you in class…

  21. I used PayPal. No problem. If you got the confirmation from Geoff, you should be fine.

    • Yeah, that’s the problem. I got a confirmation from paypal, but nothing from Geoff. I will submit a ticket, but I figured I would check before I worried for no reason.

  22. Oh, I thought you meant to confirmation from PayPal. My PayPal is linked to a different email address so I didn’t find it for a while, but he does send one out with a new log in password. Hope you get this solved, but we have two weeks from what I can tell, until the class actually starts.

    • I am sure it will work out, but I am like a kid on Christmas. I found what I want to be when I grow up, so I am slightly more irrational than normal.

  23. Thank you so much for sacrificing your commission to give us a tremendous discount, Jack. The MSB benefit makes a PDC from the world leader cost about $400 less than any other reputable on-line provider, and $1,000 less than an in-person course in Canada. You’ve made a permaculture business accessible to us at last. We wouldn’t have been able to make this lifestyle change without your generosity. Your trust won’t be misplaced. We’re very grateful to you for spearheading this effort.

  24. WhoooooHoooooo! I’ve never been this excited about draining my bank account. Expensive, yes, but expensive is relative. For a PDC from Geoff Lawton it’s pretty stinkin’ cheap, especially with the MSB discount. Thank you, Jack, 1001 times for that perk!

  25. Was able to persevere and use PayPal to make the payment. Thanks Jack for the discount. See you all in the classroom. Let’s go to work!

  26. Jack,
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention through your email. I had been watching the GL vids since they started. I just today did a hugelculture bed based on your videos. Slightly modified actually because of my steep sloped hill in the foothills of California. Call it a hugel terrace if you’d like. Anyway thanks for doing what you do. Your videos are excellent. Just last week watched all 16 permaculture videos.

  27. No disrespect intended, but if your credit card provider rejects a $900’ish charge, you probably either have bad credit, or you need to get a new credit card company. Seriously, if it’s the latter, then ditch them – that is BS.

  28. Just signed up. I’m ready to get perma-fected. Totally excited. It took me a few tries to get my money worked out. My two different credit unions denied the charge. I had to go through PayPal. I think it’ll be worth every penny.

  29. I sent in my silver to join the MSB on Monday. I’m hoping it gets processed fast so I can take advantage of the discount. I might have to bite the bullet and sign up for the PDC without it.

    Has anyone heard what the class size limit is going to be?

    • Jesse, I sent you an email yesterday saying I set you up early with your login information in response to your email to me.

        • All I did was hit reply to your email, so writing isn’t the issue. Um you may need to check you mail program though because your return email when I hit reply is jessehill not jesseehhill.

          I just forwarded it to both email addresses.

      • Alright, I just signed up for the PDC, I’m so stoked.

        Thanks again Jack!

  30. Maybe in the future he will make it so poor people can buy a dvd or two at time instead of $1K all or nothing approach. Not everyone has this kind of money laying around. I want to take the course but will have to wait and hope that he will sell the DVD’s in singles or value packs. Great discount Jack but still can’t afford it.

    • You might have seen an email with a prior comment, it has been removed. I re read your comment now and missed part of it sorry. I see you are wanting to buy it in pieces over time. It has been busy as hell, please forgive my prior comments, they were not accurate to your point. I will actually discuss this at some point with Geoff.

      • Jack – Apology accepted. I have misread stuff before too. It is a great deal and discount thanks. I am looking forward to taking this course.

  31. Just signed up!!! super excited. Can’t wait. Really big thanks to Geoff for putting it out and Jack for the great discount. If you were on the fence about being a MSB member the discount for the online PDC WELL makes up for it in addition to all the other perks. While it is a big chunk up front, I believe we will make it up in food cost savings. That is how we budgeted it in. I second the notion for a buy a DVD or pack of DVD’s like paying for a semester at college. You do not have to pay for the degree all at once. I am SURE this is just the first step into MANY MANY great things coming from Geoff and Team in the future.

  32. Jack,

    Thanks for making it possible to get a discount on the PDC! It’s exciting to be able to do this online since I’m sure there wouldn’t be one near Daytona Beach, FL anytime soon. And to take it with Geoff Lawton is amazing. Thanks man! I already signed up.

  33. I respect Mr. Lawton tremendously, and his deep and practical knowledge of enlivening permaculture through land practice. We have been deeply moved by his practices in the desert, for example. However, given Bill Mollison’s focus in Chapter 14 on nodes of permanence, on the need to create community in order to get this work done, and on commiting oneself to community and the bioregion in affinity groups, I don’t know what a lecture series does to create this permaculture reality. Maybe one way would be for groups of people in certain communities to take this course together–and be in touch with one another in order to have a community to work together on permaculture with. This work can be overwhelming, too, without people to trade work with and to assist each other and bounce ideas off, and, to work through implementation.

    • Think of it as planting seeds. Each of the people graduating the course are now a seed, wherever they are they can start spreading the word and helping others.
      The community you’re looking for to help support you and bounce ideas off of will be the other students, via the forums – at least until you either get enough people around you interested or network (maybe via the TSP forums?) and find some folks in your area/state.

      • The PDC is also proven many times over. Some of what Geoff told me about Permaculture in Australia blew me away. It is being taught with text books in grade school, almost every school has a permacutlure garden and the kids are getting some food from it, etc.

        Frankly many (not all) but many of the people in the US selling PDCs are NOT teaching an actual PDC. There is no real way for the PRI to enforce their copy write in the US. So some just make it up they way they think it should be start a school and start teaching.

        There are some questions I would ask any teacher, it was covered in Friday’s show. But if you ask a teacher, what is a landscape profile and how does it immediately tell you what climate you are in? And he/she doesn’t know, well they may be able to teach you about permaculture, but they are not qualified to run a PDC.

        If they can’t in detail explain the difference between Zone Analysis and Sector Analysis, again NOT QUALIFIED, to teach a PDC.

        Don’t get me wrong they may be a great teacher, they may know a lot about design and permaculture, they might be a great consultant in their area, but they are still not a qualified teacher.

        I have a certification, from a place I will not name but I consider it worthless. Totally, completely, worthless as it didn’t teach me half of what I learned from Bill and Geoff’s PDC on DVD.

        In the US and UK there is a lot of hippy bullshit injected into Permaculture, that is a big problem. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with hippies doing or teaching permacutlure, I have an issue with them changing what it means to be a certified designer.

        My view is now that anyone in the US and UK can get the real design science sans the hippy crap, we might get the same traction here that Australia has.

        There is no room for politics or religion or priests or bureaucrats inside permaculture. (paraphrased from Bill Mollison)

        I think with a few hundred true designers with the actual design science in their knowledge base Permaculture is about to get a big time shot in the arm in the US.

        By the way I am talking this full course, I will publish a design and after Geoff signs my cert, I am burning the old one.

  34. Hey Jack,
    This looks like an amazing opportunity! From what I’ve seen, its only a little more expensive than what it would be to take a PCD course locally here (actaully cheaper considering costs for travel and accommodation), and having the opportunity to study with such and amazing teacher (and to have all his DVD’s to review later).

    Will Geoff be repeating this course after this first one finishes in August? I’d love to be able to book a place for this course, but my finance’s don’t allow me to be able to do it right now. If Geoff will be repeating the course later this year (or next year), I will be saving to be able to make the next course (and also join MSB to be able to save on that).

  35. Oh boy Jack, I have been out of debt shortly after I started listening to Your show July 2008. I just signed up for Geoffs’ PDC and I am scared to death with worry. I so hope it was the right thing. That is a huge chunk of change for me even tho I know he is a wonderful teacher and I am very excited to learn all that I can. I really am not a business minded person and I work nearly full time as a dental hygienist so I don’t think I will be able to turn my PDC into a business. So that is why I am a little nervous. In light of all of that I thank you so much for giving up your commission to pass on the savings to your members ~ we really appreciate you for all your ass busting to bring such great value to us. I love what you do, you have taught me so much. Thank you,

    • Remember it has a 30 day money back guarantee. If this isn’t right for you us that guarantee, if it is call it an investment in your education. Do it only if it is really what you want for yourself. Let me ask though, what was the cost of school for your profession?

  36. I sent out 6 emails on Friday with the link to the backyard micro space permaculture. Now the people i was trying to get interested can even look at those videos because all Geoff has on his website is the sign up for his course. I’m trying to inform people on what they can do in their backyard and his videos were the best way. I hope he gets them back on.

  37. Jack,

    Is there any chance of you talking with Geoff about setting up a TSP forum in the Community section of the site? It looks like there are already some regional boards set up.

    It appears that I could set up a TSP topic in an existing forum, but I don’t know if you and Geoff already have something in the works.

    It would be one more great avenue for TSP’ers to connect and build the community. It may draw in some folks that don’t know about TSP as well.

  38. Jack,

    I forgot to log in through the link on the TSP website, I was kind of excited and rushed through the process. Can I still receive the msb discount or is it too late?

    Thanks for all you do.

    • You can ask them but honestly I put so much effort into making sure people didn’t do this it is between you and Geoff’s folks.

  39. Hopefully Geoff will publish the vids that got everyone all excited about PDC. I have a firefox tool that lets me download media files from a website and save them to my hard drive. I do this for videos that I want to watch whenever and wherever. There is also a plugin that lets me download youtube videos, I have done this for a lot of Jacks videos and other Self Sufficient videos.

    Jack you might suggest that he put those first vids on youtube.

  40. I’m new to TSP…actually got turned on to you after watching one of Geoff’s videos on youtube. Anyway, I keep seeing mention of a discount for MSB…what’s MSB?
    Wish I could take the PDC right now, but I just started going back to college and I am broke as a joke. Hope there’s another one available once my Post 9/11 starts coming in.