Geoff Lawton’s Newest Video and Some Confusion about Access to the Videos — 41 Comments

  1. I don’t know how anyone could be complaining about the amazingly high quality videos Geoff’s been giving away. The quality and content are just fantastic.

    And I’m delighted to hear about the MSB discount for the online PDC. Thanks Jack!

    • Seriously.

      Sometimes we are out own worst enemies. To think that a guy with a demostrable track record like Geoff Lawton is not entitled to a living doing what he does is just craziness.

  2. I’m super busy right now, so before I clear part of my schedule to watch these now instead of later, is the part on small lots about less than a few acres, suburban lots, or like less than ten? Basically, what is a small lot to Geoff Lawton?
    Frankly, people who worry themselves about who’s selling your e-mail are special. Who cares? Spam filter dude. It’s not like someone is showing up at your house or job trying to sell you Viagra! Get over yourself if it bothers you.

  3. I have been looking into some of the online PDCs and am excited that Geoff is doing one. I know the quality will be great and as long as the price is not too high, plan to take it the first time it’s offered.

  4. Thank you Jack for what you do! I haven’t had the money to join tsp or much less will I probably be able to buy the certification training that will be offered by Geoff. But let me say THANK YOU for what your are giving me, it has stirred a spirit inside me that is unbelievable. I wish I could get the whole thing so I could reduce my chances for failure, but I at least have valuable knowledge that you and Geoff have given me for free, that will be very useful to me and my family. thank you both again. Joe

  5. Holy cow, an MSB discount too! As stated a previous comment, if this is even remotely within my budget I’m goin’ for it.

    I may never understand folks who have a problem with others making money by offering a quality product. Jack, my hope is that both you and Geoff get filthy rich from your respective offerings; I believe it’s called capitalism.

  6. I guess Im confused, it was my understanding the new PDC online would be free to a limited amount of people. Did I miss that there will be a permanent online PDC for a specific cost? Either way im super excited!

    • No it won’t be free, the videos are free the PDC will come with a cost. As it should I might add.

  7. i guess sometimes people are so cynical these days, that they make assumptions without checking facts. I’ve been listening to TSP long enough to know that, if you think that TSP would get involved in anything shady in any way, then YOU DON’T KNOW JACK! [sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun] This is real capitalism – all info out in the open, honest dealing, person to person. I wish more of the net operated this way. Too many short-term thinkers. Thanks again., Jack [& Geoff too of course! great videos!]

  8. Counting the days ’til Friday.
    Let the complainers go pound sand (it won’t hold water anyway so compaction is not a concern!)
    Glad we are part of a global community that isn’t afraid to charge for services, and isn’t afraid to give stuff away to get folks hooked the old fashioned way -with real value.

    • Quote, ” Let the complainers go pound sand , it won’t hold water anyway so compaction is not a concern!”.

      LMAO, thanks I needed that, very clever, as they say it’s funny because it’s true.

  9. Great having a few minutes with you on Saturday Jack. Really, anyone complaining about a fee to an education in one of the hottest topics of the new millinium can’t be serious. I for one plan on enrolling and becoming certified for profit. The opportunities to teach, direct, guide, and develope on an institutional and community level early in the game in the US are endless. Self- sufficiency and reliance are not “Bubble” and are here to stay, even after the Zombie Apocalypse. Imagine the demand for certified and qualified Permaculture professionals in urban areas, education systems, city parks and development agencies, not to mention private entrepreneurs. Time to Rock and Grow.

  10. Sorry to hear that there are those who can’t resist complaining. I for one am very excited about him developing an online PDC course. I will finally be able to do this and you now tell me I’ll get a discount. I have his 5 videos and they are quite good but I am definitely excited about the certification.

  11. I am thrilled about the online PDC, I doubt I can afford it right now, but I would give my left foot to go. Jack, do you have any idea if they will release the DVDs he was talking about to purchase outside the PDC? I don’t want to sound like “That guy” but I would be willing to forgo the certification and the class stuff just to get the knowledge for myself. I do want to be certified, but I am unemployed and moving, so bad timing on my part. If not, I guess I have to wait for the next one.

  12. Jack,
    If you are looking for a high quality design software.. take a look at google ‘s “Sketch Up”. They have a free and paid version both should work great for your needs.

  13. Agreed. Geoff Lawton’s videos are incredibly rich and inspiring. That’s? where the “real” danger lies: you see the amazing work he and others have achieved and you immediately want to be a part of it.

    I’m nowhere near ready to re-landscape my property…but I’m thinking about it! And it’s because of Geoff’s videos. I’m already making baby footsteps in the direction of permaculture, having planted my first fruit tree (peach) and two fruit shrubs (blueberries). There’s more to come, too. And it’s only because of Geoff’s videos and the inspiration he’s engendered that I’m moving in that direction and seriously considering a full blown permaculture yard.

    Which brings me to the course Jack talked about: if he’s got 80 people already interested in coming in and will likely have more by the time the program’s a reality, why not do a live videocast of the week-long seminar? For a fee, you’d be able to log in and there would be a video stream of the class in progress. Have one or two people dedicated to monitoring the only class in the event there are questions during the session and for a Q&A session afterwards.

    A hosted video course as it’s happening could easily attract many more people that might not be able to fly in to Texas to participate. And with the videos archived they could be made available to “attendees” if they’re unable to be there live during the taping. It would be an awesome benefit to MSB members after the fact too, access to the course at a discounted rate (since they wouldn’t be able to ask questions or participate).

    I might be interested in attending the weeklong course in person, but I’d definitely be interested in an online version too.


    • We might do something like that, it wouldn’t be free of course (frankly it wouldn’t be fair to the people paying to be there) but perhaps at a signifigant discount vs. showing up live. Of course those who did get access to me after hours, get to come to my house at least once if not more, etc.

      By the way do you know who Brad Thor is? Google him if you don’t, he was at my house for the meet and greet we did after the Expo (thanks to effort by Steven Harris). Sometimes coming to the Spirko homestead pays dividends beyond what is advertised.

  14. Hey Jack
    Just want you to know that you and what you are doing in helping Geoff get the Permaculture word out is greatly appreciated. And, if you are being paid or receiving a “kick back” in, any way, who’s business is it but yours. And, even if that is the case those of us who are entrepreneurs or have run a business know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and is beneficial for all those involved. It’s Capitalism at it’s best!

    Keep up the good work and once again your efforts are appreciated. And, we are so excited about the upcoming PDC videos.

  15. I learned some things from this urban video. The guy in Melbourne with 640 sq ft doesn’t allow his fruit trees to grow any larger than he can trim without a ladder. Good idea. I have kumquat tree that small and was almost able to smack the damn parrot eating them yesterday.

  16. I too am amazed that the level of professionalism of Mr. Jeff’s videos, especially this last one. Mainly because I’ll never be able to afford a nice chunk of land, but an acre or two, well that’s even within my limited range. I cant wait to get started. The online course sounds great! For a person of limited means, this could really be a boon. Looking forward to it! Cheers, Rick.

    P.S., concerning the mentally challenged. You cant fix stupid. All you can do is tag em and avoid.

  17. Reminds me of a sign I saw in a lumber yard that said “Due to the complaints about our free service, there will no longer be free service”. Keep things in perspective. If you’re paranoid about spam, use an Internet email address for newsletters and a personal email address for friends.

    • Me too. I can do $500 or less with no pain (rainy day fund) but much more will require some serious budget tweaking. But this is an investment, not an expense, so fingers crossed until Friday.

  18. Jack,
    Although I have a lot to learn, I like the idea of providing permaculture concepts as a service to others. I would be interested in attending the PDC.

  19. The information I learned from these podcasts and Geoff’s video’s has been incredibly valuable. Timing is excellent as we just started looking for retirement/retreat property late last now we are excited and much better informed in what to look for and how to invest to achieve “sustainable living – if times get tough or even if they don’t ” !! Very well done indeed Mr. Spirko cannot thank you enough for the gift of knowing!!

  20. I found this a while back and wanted to sample DVD first before spending that much money, and bought Urban Permaculture DVD. AWESOME! Is this similar to what will be offered, if anyone knows. And in similar price range? Geoff love the new videos and the animations makes it look so easy and easy to understand, at least from a visual learner.

    Will be buying online course once available! Home boss (wife) already approved!

    • Yes similar but not the same. I mean no disrespect to Bill Mollison here but he did half of that PDC and I felt watching it that age had sort of dulled the edge a bit. The brilliance you gain listening to him in the DVD set is really awesome but there is a lot of rambling as well. Again Bill is the founder, a mentor and a hero of mine but we all reach such a point in our lives. My understanding is Geoff will teach this entire PDC end to end. So I would say the quality is going to be much better.

      Additionally there is interaction with the teacher, that doesn’t happen with a DVD set. Keep in mind Bill started doing PDCs in the 70s, Geoff took his in 83 and has been teaching almost that long. Both did thousands of PDCs over the years and Geoff told me this will be the best one he has ever done. Many new concepts were added and some ones that were not as important dropped. There will also be some bonuses but I can’t tell you what they will be.

      • Awesome! It was on my want list but the new stuff Geoff puts out I feel is much more personable, current, and easy to follow. The embrace of technology, mainly the animations, screen shots, and the financial ticker. So many teasers… Still getting it! Once wife saw free videos it was an easy sell, on purchase.

  21. I keep checking the MSB page for the discount code. Will that not happen until Friday?

  22. We are into the more traditional gardening but are ready to make a change to Permaculture.

  23. Dang–I didn’t realize that signup for the videos would only be available for a limited time–with my own business and travel I wanted to wait until I really had time to sit down and watch them and absorb the info before I signed up or watched them. Now when I try to click through to any of the links in any of the posts you have about the videos it just takes me to the video about the online permaculture design course. I guess I’ve totally missed out?

  24. Jack or Geoff,

    Any reason the free videos were taken down. I did not have the time to watch the micro space video and had it saved in browser for over the weekend. My assumption was that since I provided my email, I would have access and not only for a limited time since it did not state that.

    Just wanted to confirm if I was out of luck at this point?

    Looking forward to the PDC that Jack will be doing on micro spaces since that is all I am interested in at this point and Geoff’s PDC was too costly for me based on spending just a small portion on the microspace.

    • I can’t speak for Geoff on that, I am going to discuss making those videos available to all again but I assume this was a teaser only in advance of the paid option.

  25. According to an announcement that Geoff Lawton made recently, tonight at midnight (05/10/2013), the opportunity to be a part of this course will close.