Geoff Lawton is Re-Opening His Online PDC for a Few Slots — 10 Comments

  1. Whoa! Glad you guys are alright. That really stinks about the crops. I can tell you if hail came and took my ‘maters I’d be pretty pissed off. (But what can you do?)

    Oh that’s right, develop resiliency…

  2. You didn’t need than man, at least I can cover for a late frost…
    You need a dome

  3. Glad no prob with tornados, bummer on the hail. The PDC is going great so far, really glad I signed up. Looking forward to the next chapter videos coming out.

  4. Hey Jack glad you are OK. My Mom lives in Pool ville so I better check on her. I need to see that new dog of yours.
    The PDC is AWESOME. Thanks for making it possible.

    • It is actually part of the design, just the design is too young. We are planting trees, bushes, etc right in the gardens. These when mature will let sufficient light in but also protect from wind and hail. When you see the video that may make sense.

  5. Oh man the Jalapenos… that was the down point for me man. It’s not like ‘Rocket’ where you can have another shot at it.

  6. You probably have good nurseries there to restart, but nothing like your own, kinda like adopting :O)

  7. First off, my heart goes out to those that suffered from the tornado, second, I am glad no one was hurt from the hail in Jacks world.

    Being a pilot I have seen what a hail storm did to several hangars and jets in Colorado once. I dont know how you live with it in the heavy tornado states.

    I am incredibly stoked I was able to get in on the PDC with this unexpected window of opportunity. I finally had to tell myself put up or shut up. So Im all in.