GenForward is Here — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Jack – I’d love to contribute to the campaign, but I’d like to wait a few weeks. Will the Indiegogo site allow you to surpass the $25,000 goal? Or must I contribute as soon as possible in order to join in? Thanks!

  2. It reminds me of the days that people used to write in journals. A very simple idea that I could see being expanded in all sorts of ways. Very good Jack.

  3. Jack, this is a wonderful idea. I’ve loved everything you’ve done since the Jetta days (can’t believe it’s been so long!), but this one really strikes a chord with me. I’ve been trying to create this type of record for my own [future] family on my own for a long time now. I’m both happy and disappointed with my own efforts. It sounds like you’ve taken this important idea to the next level and – more importantly – the “convenient” level. I’ll be glad to contribute, and I hope the future outcome is as they say, priceless.

  4. I think I get this for the most part. It sounds like a great idea. One question. Is everything you put in there about you or would you be able to, for example, put in notes about your kids so they could see them later?

    • You can write your own question or edit the ones we provide so you can put in anything you want.

      I also figure by end of the first year that we will have hundreds of features on a to do list. Basically we plant to let users do what ever they want as long as we can figure out how to make it happen. How many extra features we develop at first will be a direct reflection on how well our funding goes.

  5. I love, love, LOVE this idea! I’m working on a project this winter to organize my family history and get it online to share with other family. I am fortunate that some of my grandmas took the time to jot a tiny bit down – I treasure every little snippet they left me of their lives. There is a whole lot of reflection going on as I work on this project – comparing my life to what I know of their lives, past and present. Just this past weekend I started to put together a list of questions for my own parents to answer about themselves, growing up, their parents, grandparents. I decided to break it down in sections so I don’t overwhelm them. I’m getting an extra membership for them. I love genealogy – but I want more than a list of names on a sheet of paper. I want to know their stories, struggles and all. Blah, blah, blah – I could go on forever. Let’s just say I think this is a FANTASTIC idea!