Gauging Interest in a Mini Workshop — 33 Comments

  1. Definitely interested for 1 person, if I can get the day available. (may have schedule have conflicts)

  2. Im very interested. $100 and 1 day is right in my budget and time frame. I would be driving in from Houston and I have family close to the area for a place to stay.

  3. Jack, I’m local (NE Tarrant County), and interested in your mini workshop. I look forward to seeing further details.

  4. I am in for a day workshop. I would like to bring my son (9) he is a big fan too. Any discount for kids? He is great at fetchin’ stuff.

  5. I wish I could come, I believe I know which greenhouse you are going with, I am looking at sourcing one locally for myself (Sand Springs, OK). What size did you decide to go with?

    • Seems like a 12×20 matches my requirements best. My requirements are biggest I can get, that I can also afford.

  6. If it’s on another day other than the 6th, I would definitely be interested. I’ll be driving up from Arlington.

  7. Just so people know, on most big construction sites, a lot of glass gets mis-measured and thrown away. If you want cheap glass, buddy up with a glazer and have him get some for you. Most of the time glass can not be cut down, (either insulated units or tempered) so it can be changed to fit. When people mis-measure glass they usually mis-measure a lot of it, so there will be a lot of the same size that is wrong.

  8. Thanks for holding these workshops for folks. I’m not in your area, so I won’t be able to attend. I’d point out to the MSB readers that we can all be doing the same thing in our own areas. Case in point… we have a local group who hold occasional workshops hosted by one member or another to work on some skill set or project.

  9. If it’s on the 6th, I’d definitely be interested. I have been thinking about setting up a greenhouse for awhile now but just didn’t know where to start. (mostly a $$ issue) I would be driving up from Austin and have family in Celina so could kill two birds with one stone.

  10. Wife Said OK ,I would be coming from New Braunfels and would like to crash before the return trip. What tools could I bring to help the process?

  11. Just built mine! 17 x 32… weird dimensions but it was sized to fit where I had a fenced area. Jack, you were my inspiration on doing it!

  12. Hey Jack,

    You might want to listen to Diego’s latest podcast on passive solar greenhouses. It is definitely more geared toward very cold climates, but it gets very deep into the technical issues of amount of glass, what type of glass, vs solid walls with insulation.

    I’m in Michigan, so I won’t be able to come; but $100 is an absolute steal, and if I was within a couple hours of you I would be there in a heartbeat. If you could post a video someday of the finished product I would really love to see it!

  13. I’m in if there is a spot and barring any unforseen events. I’ve cleared the calendar and will be looking out for the announcement if it goes forward! Would be coming from E. TX.

  14. I am most definitely interested and most definitely local, but not available on 06 Dec.

    I will watch for future mini-workshops though…

  15. Would love to come Jack! Can I park my Motor Home? I have a couple of ideas on building a green house too…how’s 32′ by as long as you want sound? I have architectural/engineered plans for a 32′ arch truss made from plywood segments, can go 2′ on center.

    • If we do it it will be more like Jan/Feb certain other priorities have moved up the budget requirements above my green house. As to motor homes on my property. There is one now and one is enough. We have a standing order during large events NO TRAILERS OF ANY SORT OR KIND. My land takes enough abuse from cars and trucks and with events we are now 7 of 8 with lots of rain and mud.

      • I hear ya on the abuse…these things are HEAVY! 🙂 I was thinking the property next door that you thought used to be a mobile home park! 😉 I’d even pay the dude some kinda rent