Gauging Interest in a BeeDC — 28 Comments

  1. I’m all in! I think this is a great idea, and talked about to MJ when we were at the Food Forest Installation Workshop in April. I passed on getting bees about a 1 1/2 months ago, because I felt like I had a significant lack of knowledge when it came to keeping bees. Bees are on the short list for The Homestead, seriously looking at next spring. Let’s Get Started!

  2. I’d probably rather spend that money (even more!) for an intensive beekeeping bootcamp. Unless I can get away, I tend to drag those home courses out with all the distractions of real life.

    • We have some plans for on site classes too. Though I don’t think we could ever effectively cover this much in such an environment.

  3. I think the money should go to bees and a hive. At some point we have to stop commercializing everything. There are soooo many local, free (or almost free) resources for beekeeping, why scare people away from it with expensive classes being made to seem “necessary”

    Bees are easy to own. Let’s encourage ownership and propagation, not make it intimidating.

    • Well Gina, I think YOU should do what YOU want with YOUR money and no one here will hold it against you. We will offer or not offer the class based on how much people do or do not want it. I have done over a dozen shows with free information on bee keeping. Mike approached us with this idea, we are formalizing it, we are NOT in anyway making it seem necessary.

      • I think you should do what ever you want with YOUR money. But when you say it is a LOT for a course you show that you have no idea what it takes to produce something like this.

  4. With my current travel schedule for work there is no way I could start keeping bees right now but I want to learn how. I think this could be a great resource for me. Thanks for trying to get this going Jack.

  5. I got a chance to checkout Moj’s setup at his house a while back and one thing I’m sure of- I GOTTA spend some time learning from this dude.
    I’d love to be able to do so while supporting permaethos!

    • Ryan I was glad you got to meet Nick Ferguson & Amy Willard. That seeing the 25 bee hives just in my back yard 12 blocks from the Wyoming State Capital made you smile. That when we talked, YES you can do this and get suppling honey to venders to make some extra money.

  6. I was not saying you’re profiting or not is wrong. I have paid for many permaculture classes – because those are NOT available everywhere nor is it “easy”. I kicked myself for missing the big sign up for the year long class you offered as a matter of fact.

    What I was trying to say is there is a difference between a complex skill with lots to learn, like permaculture itself, and something like raising chickens or beekeeping. I can learn Beekeeping and chickens from Mother Earth News and really, they’re not that hard at all…. permaculture has to be seen and studied.

    • I will say this one more time, I think YOU should do what YOU want with YOUR money.

    • I will only say that it is not about marketing.
      over the last 63 years we have be shown how to keep bees from a commercial asspet. that it does work, but it is not substainable. The hobby beekeeper over the last 6 years is reading books and Youtube videos based on what has been used over the last 63 years…..

      it is failing. CCD will reach the hobby beekeeper.

      Yes you can lean from all kinds of place…I DID. cost me a lot of money, time and losses.

      I don’t want you to lose $70k in a year. I don’t want you to have to by bees every two years. I don’t want you to give into industrial beekeeping.

      I am not the best beekeeper, but I am sustainable and can grow with out cost. I can keep more then one kind specie of bee for profit if need. (back to saying it is not about money, but the third rule of beekeeping is budget!)

      if you want to pick up some extra smarts on a topic you already use…awesome…. I do all the time on bees.

      for a good teacher is a good student.

      we all live on the same earth…lets make it GREEN!

  7. We are in the early stages of selling our home now to get out of NY. While I cant have bees at this moment, Id love to have the knowledge to hit the ground running when we set up the family homestead down south. Count me in!

  8. Have you ever made powdered sugar from out of honey?

    collected and used pollen in your Mead, breads, and to sale?

    Have heard how they train bees to find land mines?

    You can build a bee hive with card board?

    I always wanted to be a beekeeper, and now you tell me it is a job at the White house?

    Why would I cover the doors to my hive and drill holes in it?

    So I can build a Parone hive and use it in the USA?

    So when I change out frames I take the end one out when?

    If I go and use Terramycin feeding should stop at least _____ before a surplus honey flow is expected

    A dangerous situation exist if the person stung by a bee begins to?

    Adult honey bee workers and queens are most susceptible to tracheal mites when they are:______

    Just some things to think on when beekeeping.

    Love the show Jack. I leave in 9 days for WV. (may never come back!)

  9. Ahhh, this is a shame. The course material sounds so fascinating, but I just couldn’t justify it at anywhere near that price, personally. I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to fill the survey out all day since I saw this post.

  10. I think the price is completely reasonable for the course work you are offering.

    Looking at the course outline got me wondering; Is the reason the course is spread out over 15 months because the course is supposed accompany our first year of beekeeping with MJ as our guide along the way?

  11. Apicultura DVD avg cost $500 no interaction

    cost to work one day with a beekeeper or day beekeepng class $60
    go twice a month (checking bees every two weeks) $120
    15 months working with that keeper and only his style. $1800

    I want people to see beekeeping from around the world. lean Miller queening with larva whole punch to make Doolittle nuc splits to repopulate your losses and to grow. I want to place a live web cam in a top bar so you can log in a see them make comb. teach you how to pull royal jelly. Meet super cool beekeers from around the world.

    I want you to enjoy being out doors with a flying bug.

  12. I’m in. As long as there is still access to the classes down the road (like the PDC) then I’m good to go. I probably would not be in a position to get bees when the class starts but would love the education and the opportunity to watch it again when I do have the space. As far as the price, just looking at the info offered it seems like a fair deal. I think the PDC has been very well done so far and I expect the BeeDC will be held to the same standard.

  13. This sounds interesting and has been on my list of courses to take… I want to want to take it but I need you to sell me on it! Just reading some of the comments by MJ have already taught me a few things and got me more interested. I didnt know that it cost to have hang out with a bee mentor (just never thought about it). The syllabus looks similar (at least to my untrained eyes) to what would be offered at a day local course, but that would mean that you would only have 8 or so hours of video – I’m sure that there would be a lot more to cover in 15 months. Guess I dont know what I dont know, or need to know!
    Jack, can you do a show to two with MJ and talk it up?

  14. “Make it easy for your customers to give you money”. I’m certain I’ve heard that somewhere before. In all seriousness, when you decide this class will happen let me know so I can send you some money.

  15. I am a volunteer chaplain at Travis County Jail and while I was in the education building I discovered that they are giving a beekeeping class to the inmates there right now!

    I asked why the jail would pay for a beekeeping class for inmates. The officer told me that they are attempting to certify inmates as beekeepers because local beekeepers are willing to hire them. Apparently one can make real money taking care of bees. Imagine that! 🙂 That also suggests that beekeepers are having a problem hiring people if they are going for known felons.

    I’ll talk to the instructor to get more information about what she is doing.

    • That also suggests that if you want a free beekeeping class just commit a felony in Travis County, Texas. Otherwise yah gotta pay for it.

  16. I support this course. I have some top bar hives and would like to have top bar hives included in the course. (I forgot to put this comment into the form.)