How it Feels When there is a Gas Shortage and You are a Prepper! — 2 Comments

  1. During Hurricane Sandy here in New York I saw one of the few gas stations open. It was the mobil on the Hutchison River Parkway. Gas was $5.18. Yep. It was what it was. Nowadays I am more prepared.
    Thank you Jack for all you do.

  2. yup, it’s a good feeling. i added an auxiliary tank to my diesel which doubled my capacity and range.
    i was stuck down in carrizo springs tx working. i had one full tank and half on the other. i decided to top of after my first shift back. later that day, most of the fuel stations were completely out of diesel, and regular unleaded two days later. while everyone else worried about their fuel situation, i went two weeks with no worry about my fuel situation.

    thank you Jack for inspiring me to do something to be prepared for such situations.