Forrest Garvin on PrepperNet and Solar Cooking – Epi 2928 — 3 Comments

  1. “people come to our meetups and don’t use their real name” – that is so funny, no doubt the government won’t like that as only the FBI is allowed secrecy

  2. I’ve got one of the Sun Ovens – it’s freaking AWESOME! Super simple, cooks great, no maintenance – what’s not to love? My only suggestion would be to make sure you weight down the tilt stand with a heavy item (25lb. Barbell weight works great – put the stand through the hole, then back into the oven) if there is any wind. Mine blew off of the table it was on because the foldout solar collectors act like a parachute if you’re not careful! Garvin, great job – Can’t wait to check out PrepperNet.