Episode-841- Fuz Sanderson on Earth Skills Gatherings and Community Building — 19 Comments

  1. Seems like Starbucks management might have given their stores a little heads up that they might be seeing a bunch of armed customers and $2 bills on VDay. Maybe it’s time to start outsourcing our lattes too.

  2. It seems a great awakening is in the making as hundreds of intentional community fires now dot the landscape as they reconnect to what is important; our health as it is reflected and natured by our landscpae. This deep ecological connection is the cure for the dis-ease caused by disconnect and imbalance. It is hard work, but it is joyful and benfits our own sacred fire as well as our community and environment. “Survival” is the emergent adolescent stage of this primal need to manifest bounty on our landscape and within ourselves.

  3. Starbucks: The funniest thing about this–who in their right mind is going to counterfeit Two Dollar Bills? Someone who loves horse-racing perhaps.

  4. I think you guys are right about the historical/genetic component to learning these primitive skills to the point that it gets kind of addicting. I got wrapped up in the bone work, clay pottery, baskets, and flint knapping.

  5. Great episode! I know Fuz personally and teach at the Earthskills Rendevous. It’s an amazing experience with a tight community.

    I have to say that this episode went very far in the right direction to awken my heartfelt appreciation of true nature.

    Thanks for recognizing the story of the buffalo.

    And thanks for the story about the Australian song aidless navigational songs.

    Earth skills, nature awareness, understanding and considering our home and our place in it…..inspiring episode.

  6. Jack
    Would it be possible to confirm the dates for the fall gathering? The web site says Sept, but he stated it would be in Oct.

    • @Steve as Fuz said the date is in flux right now. So no I can’t confirm it, when he gets back to me though I will announce it, especially if I can manage to attend it.

  7. @Steve the website is currently wrong about the dates, Falling Leaves is scheduled for Oct 9 – 14. Arrival day is Oct 9, classes will begin after the opening circle on Oct 10. Registration for that gathering will open up after the Spring Rivercane Rendezvous. Hope y’all can join us!

  8. Great episode Fuz and Jack.

    The lightening bolt of this episode was when you guys said “organizing community really is THE earth skill.”

    That may be the truest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    The story of our species is how time after time, we’ve come together to combine our resources and skills to meet the opportunities and challenges in front of us.

    There are communities in London, Fargo, and Fiji–all with decidedly different ingredients and backdrops, but doing the same thing–combining skills and resources to meet opportunities and challenges.

    The earth skill of community building really connects the “survival dots” no matter what the situation is.

    Cheers guys.

  9. @Dan people in the earthskills community were consulted by Jean to reference the skills she describes and help her make it more authentic.

  10. Jack,

    I’ve found how to identify Usnea and how to grind it, soak it in vodka for 6 weeks, then strain it. But then what? throw away the vodka? or is that what gets used? Thanks,

    • Okay I am not familiar with usnea but my gut would be the vodka is the active component in the above mentioned methodology.

  11. Has anyone else email Fuz about the gathering in April I want to go and emailed him with no response?