Episode-2091- The Future of Homesteading in America — 7 Comments

  1. Great show Jack. Quick note on “Learning to fly”. This song is absolutely about using Heroin. While there are one or two lines thay can be interpreted to be about flying a plane, most of the song has nothing to do with flying at all.
    The whole song is a description of ling term Heroin use, chasing the original high amd never getting there again. “The rocks might melt and the seeds may burn” is this aboit flying a plane or drug use?
    Not a big deal obviously but I have actually been listening to Tom Petty a lot recently so its been on my mind. Cheers

    • I wouldn’t call it a lie. I would suggest he didn’t want to reveal his heroin usage to whatever idiot journalist was interviewing him for this particular quote. Most musicians don’t want their drug use to be public especially when it comes to heroin.
      It’s also common (or used to be common) for musicians to mask such topics in allegory.
      It’s a great song either way

  2. Aquaponic Nozzle Clean-out

    May look at the automatic air compressor water drain to use in automating the aquaponic nozzle clean out. It is just a timed solenoid valve. Maybe go around the ball value and tie in the solenoid in with full pressure and it blows out the line once a day. May take a bit of playing with, but may be able to figure a work around or open the community brainpower to use the concept. Good luck.

    • Cheap “normal off” water solenoid valves could be salvaged from old washing machines or the replacement valves and all attached to a lamp timer. Bi-passing the proportioning ball valve and tying the source line to the nozzle on the other side would give a timed, controlled bust of full pressure water like opening the proportioning valve by hand.