Fun Post, My Playoff Preditions — 33 Comments

  1. Go Panthers!!! Oh yea, they got a bye this week. At least I have some interest in this week games to see how close your picks where.

    • Right there with you Dan. The boys get a chance to rest up and heal up. They should be ready by round 2. Last nights game was much closer than it should have been.

  2. Good picks. The packers & chargers barely limped in & they should be heading home pretty easily . I’m hoping for a seaHawks/Broncos superbowl. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. As a true dyed in the wool Packer fan, I hope your opening paragraph about having a horrible track record is very correct. 🙂 Also, I think the defense you watched yesterday against the Bears is more on the normal side when we have our starters health again. Since we lost Jolly (DT) and Bulaga (T), our D needed to step up, and now they have. Let’s hope for consistency.

  4. Bengals barely – But Dalton better not be so loose with the ball as he’s been prone to…
    Saints – Should be a fun game.

  5. While the Chiefs could win here in Indy it won’t be easy. And don’t forget that the Colts beat the Chiefs in KC just 10 days ago like a red headed step child. That was a clinic and butt whooping! I fully expect the Colts to win this first round game.

  6. Yes the Bengals are going to maul the Chargers

    Chiefs will run a ton and keep Luck off the field and Chief win

    Eagles and Saints is the best game of the week and its a shoot out. Eagles keep the Saints Defense gassed and it come down to who has the ball at the end.

    49er’s over the Pack, cause I hate the Pack.

  7. This is how it’ll go down ;^)
    -Bengals win.

    -Colts beat the Chiefs. Luck proves he’s the real deal.

    -Saints upset the Eagles.

    -49er’s prevail.

  8. The general sentiment on the ground here in KC, from what I’ve seen and heard, is not one of great optimism for the Chiefs’ chances even in light of that crazy game against the Chargers. And everyone’s absolutely terrified about Succop’s tendency to flub the kick when it really matters.

      • Um Andy Reid! Again ask an Eagles fan, if the Chiefs lose this weekend, it will be due to some stupid ass decisions by Reid.

        One that sticks in mind was a playoff game in Philly against a great defense that the Eagles had good success throwing against all day but could not run for shit against. A penalty results in a 3 and 23, Reid calls what, a run up the middle! Results, 4th and 24! Fricken genius!

        Reid should have gotten to 2-3 Super Bowls minimum with the Eagles team he had, instead he got to 1 and lost that one.

    • Never underestimate the ability of the KC Chiefs to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, especially during the play-offs. It is a finely honed skill the franchise has sharpened since the 1960s.

      If ticket availability is any indication there are plenty of tickets available for this game on Craigslist.

  9. I am no Fooseball fan, but regarding your saints prediction… The Saints just like LSU tend to be much better at the end of the game than the first half. I have no idea what the eagles look like this year (like I said I don’t follow fooseball), but don’t be surprised if the eagles run over the saints in the first half, then all of a sudden miracle like plays happen at the end.

  10. Dang Bengals! I kind of figured the Dalton would step up with home field advantage.

    Next week I’m guess there will be fewer nail biters. Seattle looks like an easy call over the Saints next week. I’m thinking Carolina handles the 49er’s. The Patriots should handle the Colts but could be the best game of the weekend. The Broncos and Chargers could be interesting as well but in the end I think Elway finds a way to win.

  11. Really wanted the Packers to win that one, but it went the same way all my picks went, losses. Hope your favorites are doing better than mine.

  12. Fun post it was, and I would say more than a few surprises. I am nervous with the Colts in New England. And from what I see, there are a few tickets left…hmmm PEI->Boston…..$$$

  13. I’ve pretty much decided that if I want a team to win I should publicly pick their opponent.

  14. The poor Panthers get no respect. No one in the lame stream media even talks about them and the Super Bowl in the same sentence. Their defense is no fluke. Cam Newton is developing into an outstanding QB. If Steve Smith is healthy the offense is so much better.

    • I completely agree with you Dan. Their linebackers are second to none. Newton has improved with every game. Should the Panthers and Seahawks meet in two weeks that one will be tough to call. Newton is better than Wilson. Both are dangerous but recently defenses seem to have found out how to contain him. If Lynch doesn’t get it going and the receivers don’t hang onto the ball I think the Panther’s will win handily. Seattle’s Defense is great but the offense needs to score to beat a team like the Panthers. The one advantage the Seahawks have is the 12th man. That’s a game I hope we see, but a lot can happen. I doubt the Saints want to get embarrassed again in Seattle. The 49’s won’t roll over for the Panthers.

      • SEA fan here. Newton can certainly be better than Wilson, but early in the season he was an inconsistent mess. On paper Saints were the desired opponent for us. Not just the lowest seed, but having beat them previously is a boost.

        The weather forecast in Charlotte, NC is very cold this week. 49ers survived GB, so many that’s not an issue for them. I’m rooting for CAR until they reach Seattle.

    • Actually I think they are one of the best teams in the NFL, fully capable of going to the Super Bowl. Now I think Manning and the Broncos are going to be the final man standing but that doesn’t take away from Carolina being a VERY GOOD TEAM.

      Frankly I want Manning to win a Superbowl with Denver! I have always wanted to see a truly elite QB who is discarded after his supposed “best years” were behind him do so.

      Montana got close twice and if KC had receivers at the time that could catch footballs likely he would have done it, may be two years in a row.

      Farve got so close I was sure it would happen. Didn’t.

      Manning has more left than either of those guys did. Since I now have no team to root for, I am rooting for a player. We shall see.

      • I know all about great quarterbacks being traded and continuing to have succesful careers. I grew up an Eagles fan till I joined the Navy and then retired to NC. I remember they dumped Sonny Jurgensen to keep Norm Snead who was a joke. Jerguensen went on to Redskins and was successful there. In fact all Philly teams are nortorious for trading players who excell in their sport with other teams. Being an Eagles fan I also hated the Redskins and Cowboys so I was quite relieved to find the Panthers in NC.
        I also noticed a few comments and teams who can’t seem to ever win the big ones. I’m sure you all remember Buddy Ryan and the great players he had in Philly (Randall Cunnigham) who couldn’t win the big ones. (fog bowl playoff game in Chicago did him in).

        • To be clear, when Manning’s optional contract extension was not picked up by the Colts (he was not “cut”) they did this because neither they nor Peyton knew if he would ever play again. In an article that came out two weeks ago, Manning admitted that in early March of 2012 when the Colts didn’t elect to keep him he thought he was done and would never play again. He was resigned to filing for retirement. He gives credit to his wife encouraging him to press on and attempting to keep on playing. Obviously, it worked out for both Denver and Indy. I hated it when he left Indy, but I don’t blame the Colts for not investing nearly $100M in a player whose career was a virtual unknown (even though Irsay promised he would keep Peyton here). Having Luck sitting there with the first pick made it even more difficult to arrive at that decision. We root hard for Denver in this house, and even at the expense of the Colts I hope Manning gets another SB ring. He’s the greatest to ever play the position – period. Going from a guy like Manning to a guy like Luck will probably never be duplicated again in the NFL. Favre to Rodgers would be a close second.