Episode-1021- Brad and Mike from Full Sprectrum Survival — 20 Comments

  1. Thank you Jack for having us on and a special thanks to all of your listeners! We really enjoyed the show and look forward to the chance to talk more with your listeners here and on your forum!

  2. Haven’t had a chance to listen lately, but didn’t see anything. The Revolution 2.0 Video out yet?

      • Really Looking forward to your interview, do you have any other information on the Quail Raising? Website? Book? Sounds so interesting.

  3. Great show, again, Jack. Loved it. I like to think that my prepping comes down to one word: Adaptation. More and more I’m thinking that survival isn’t as much about fire power, or food storage or even some skills, bu rather whether I’m able to adapt to whatever situation presents itself. Better to adjust to less than figure out how to get/have more. I think that’s sorta what the guys were saying today about their scenarios. I just don’t have the courage to flip the switch on electricity to see how that would work even for a day or two. I’ll make that one of my 13 in 13.

    • Electricity is a big one, it’s not fun, especially in Florida to voluntarily go a few days (or even a few hours for that matter) without power. It is an exciting experience though, to test our plans and see what works and what doesn’t.

      Thanks for your support.

    • Mark,

      Thank you for your service and Mike says thanks for the shouting to CEs!

  4. I really have to wonder about a half-hour video taking a year to make.

    Nevertheless, I wish these guys the best and hope the end product turns out to be exactly what they envision. No, I hope it turns out *even better* than they envisioned. Looking forward to seeing it.

    • Carrie, Thanks for the support! We are just part of the production but knowing video production from our profession, we understand first hand that to travel around the US and gather video from various cast members and locations it takes a long time.

      A normal independent film can take up to 3 years to make, less than 1 year is quite rushed.

      We are glad that you are looking forward to it and will do everything within our power to shoot with speed because we’re just as excited to see the final product!

  5. “I really have to wonder about a half-hour video taking a year to make.”
    Carrie B, I wondered the exact same thing. Imho, sounds lacking. Nevertheless though.

    • Gunter, thanks for listening and commenting. I hope you get a chance to read our reply to Carrie above and that it answers some of your questions regarding timelines.

      We look forward to assisting the production group in bringing you a quality film as soon as possible!

    • Reminds me of something that sage man, Homer Simpson once said. “Ten seconds?! But I want it NOW!!!”.


  6. Thanks Blueyed for coming by my friend! Hope you enjoyed the podcast and get a chance to come by and see us!

  7. Could anyone elaborate further on Compartmentalization learning as taught in the military? How does it work? Is there any resources online that I can look into? I would love to find more information about the military teaching methods. Thanks.

    • @Lee about to start recording today’s show so short answer for now. They take a task, require 100% accuracy for a pass, then drill your ass on it over and over and over and over until you get it right. it is amazing how fast and how much people can lean when they have all other distractions removed and have no choice about the matter.

    • “You are a no-go at this station…”

      It’s 1 part “you had to be there” and 2 parts teaching anything to a toddler. I am sorry I have no other resources to point you too so I will just continue to make light of the situation;

      No matter how good of a shot you are with a LAW rocket, you will do pushups if you don’t check you back blast area first. But, having done lots of pushups I never killed a buddy when shooting (newer) AT-4’s for real, so I guess it all works.