FSP & TSP 2013 Liberty Forum Contest — 2 Comments

  1. I joined the state a bit ago. i originally felt that they overlooked some members and cut them a bit short due to the state’s size. as time went on, and the state began to change its policies following a scandal, i was admittedly reluctant to accept their changes because i was nearly convinced that the change was a PR stunt. there is still a lot of evidenc that supports that theory, but today there’s no denying that the state deserves respect and admiration and deserves remaining a part of. so far i am happy with their efforts but only time will tell if that holds. the only thing that concerns me is their hostility towards some members, but i think thats mostly part of the transition process and lack of understanding between the partis. despite the few remaining issues i have with the state, i have to my hat off to them and what they’ve done because i did not think much of what theyve done was even possible