Episode-2511- Freestyle Day on TSP — 2 Comments

  1. I remember first having thoughts on this kind of drone swarm attacks during our 2004/2005 design/build/fly project in college. We had to build a small fixed-wing drone capable of ferrying payloads on the wings and dropping them remotely, and I think we built ours for somewhere just under $1000 in parts. During the competition there were dozens of other teams all flying their own custom-built drones, and my imagination was running wild…

    Fourteen years later not only the motors, batteries, and other parts are cheaper & lighter now, but as you said you can do a helluva lot with just the off-the-shelf RC drones & planes that are available now but were not back then. This year for only $80 I bought a new small quadcopter drone that we would have drooled over and paid thousands of dollars for only 14 years ago.

    I dislike taking the government’s side on ANYTHING… but when they announced FAA registration requirements for drones over a certain size, I could at least admit there was a very legitimate concern there. Not sure it’ll help, but they’re right to be concerned.