Betsy Dewey on Knowing, Using & Keeping Your Rights – Epi-2956 — 5 Comments

  1. I still find it odd that the “vaccine” manufacturers admit that the shots do not stop you from getting nor spreading COVID. The “benefit” from getting the shot is that you are less likely to get as sick as if you did not get a shot.

    You getting a shot does not stop you from getting COVID and giving it to me, and my not getting it just means that I am more likely to get extra sick. That is what the official story is too. I do not have to change, or misinterpret anything that the media tells us in order for me to reach this conclusion.

    So people like me that are not going to get a shot are fine with our odds of getting extra sick or dying. Why mandate the shots in any way? Let us “suicidal” people get sick and die in peace. We do not want to be saved. Haha!!

    Although I do think that it is funny that most of the people that are still wearing masks are people that already received their shots, and the people that did not get a shot are not wearing masks. Some people like their Kool-Aid, and people like me don’t drink the stuff.

    • It is even worse then that, among other things the FDA literally changed the definition of a vaccine so that this gene therapy could be called a vaccine. The guy that invented it says it is both dangerous and does not work and I could go on but why?

      I don’t even bother talking about it much any more if you have noticed, I figure if you buy into this bullshit at this point Jesus, Buddha and Vishnu could all come to your house and explain it to you and you’d call them Trump supporting right wing racists, that is how stupid this has become.

  2. I could not find the webpage that Jack Spirko mentioned around the 8 minute mark perhaps because my hearing isn’t great. It sounded like he said Patrick Baron and or . I also tried finding Patrick Barron and Patrick Baren, but the results don’t display a website even appearing something the the above. Both of those sites turned up nothing.