Episode-2309- Freedom Through Independent Publishing — 6 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Thank you for having me on. I enjoyed the conversation. I look forward to reading your book. FYI, is no longer an active website.  Thanks again!

  2. Phil,

    I’ve just got my Steemit account approved, and will be putting up some of my own content up on there soon. I’m wondering if you’ve ever put content on Steemit yet… and if so, have you had any success with it?

  3. Hey Nick,

    I’ve never tried Steemit. I’ve never even heard of an author talking about using Steemit. Maybe you’re on to something new. One thing I have learned. As more and more authors use a marketing technique, the less effective it tends to be. Maybe you’ll be a trendsetter. Good luck!

  4. Phil,

    I’m not sure how one would effectively use Steemit for posting full-length books, but as you allude to I can see the possibilities for shorter content like educational blog posts and videos, short stories or teaser chapters for marketing/promotional purposes, or perhaps posting chapters of a book individually. My content is webcomics rather than traditional books or stories, but from what I’ve seen so far there’s a fair bit of short stories and some longer stories posted by chapters as they’re written (I’m guessing). I haven’t looked to see how much they’re earning on average, but there are definitely some novice/aspiring authors posting their stuff there…

  5. Nick,

    Sounds promising for shorter content. I think you could post a full length book chapter by chapter. It might work if you had a first in series permafree book. Then at the end you could post links to book 2.

  6. Too bad the song of the day wasn’t Bad Religion’ Against the Grain. Lyrics would have been great for the show and for appropriate for so many aspects related to TSP’ overall message.