Free Stuff, MSB Updates and More — 5 Comments

  1. I really like the idea of Dorothy being kind enough to do the ebooks on first aid for members. Thanks much!

  2. Jack, you have become a daily part of our lives. I download your podcasts to my ipod and listen to you everyday while I walk dogs. Ed listens to your podcasts also and is so impressed on how much information you have to offer. You are truly amazing. God Bless you. Your energy is awesome. I look forward to your plans for 2011, and I have no doubt Dorothy will be great. Wow !

    Thanks for all you do, we sure appreciate it and are learning tons.


  3. Hi Jack, I’ve been a survivalist for many, many years and I’ve got to say your pod casts are a light to all of us who didn’t care to try and convince others what we were seeing on how the way things were going. I listen to them every day some times ther’re a little off what I think but by far and away I’m with your way of thinking. You’ve given to me at least, a format to approach other people with a suggestion on ways to plan for the future “just in case” of a SHTF. Most people truly do live hand to mouth and day to day. I grew up in Oregon living with my grandmother and gathering summer produce and canning for the winter was a way of life. We cooked with a wood stove and heated with a wood furnace, a way of life I really didn’t like at the time but I sure do appreciate those lessons I learn back then now.