Free Silver Eagles for MSB Members — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve been holding off on joining the MSB until I get out of debt (about 2 months away) but this is absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to join!

  2. The MSB benefits page says that this only applies to cases of Mountain House foods, which I didn’t see mentioned above. Not that it is a problem, just wanted people to be aware. This is a great deal! Thank you very much to both Jack and Ready Made Resources!

  3. @cpf240 Second paragraph, second sentence,

    “any full case of Mountain House #10 Cans”

    I think the note in the brackets might make it easy to miss, anyway I added

    “So you get Ready Made Resources already great prices on Mountain House Cases and free silver to go with it, what’s not to love.” to the end. I may go back and strengthen the intro too.

  4. @cpf240 okay I added a bit more information to make it more clear. Thanks for your assistance on this man!

  5. Thanks for the clarification Jack, either I missed it, or my browser ate it… yeah… that’s it…

  6. Jack, I joined MSB simply because I wanted to provide the support necessary to keep you doing what you’re doing. I heard something about member benefits but didn’t care much at the time. Since then, as you continue to add significant benefits, it’s as though being a MSB Member means finding magic beans in your mailbox unexpectedly every few weeks. That’s pretty darned cool.

    Also, I recently bought a case of bacon&eggs [(6)#10 cans, =96 serving] from this sponsor and they had it on my doorstep promptly and exactly as advertised. 25 year shelf life; Yea baby!