Free Pelican LED Flashlight from The Berkey Guy — 5 Comments

  1. ahhh drat i just bought my royal berkey on the 17th of last month, I should of waited tho i hit the link thru your website so I hope it generated you a kick down 🙂

  2. I have one of those exact flashlights. It’s perfect.
    It runs on 2 AA batteries. Not the hyper expensive CR123’s.
    It is BRIGHT. It is tough. It lasts a long time. Couldn’t recommend it more. I got mine for $20 at walmart as an impulse buy and strangely, I haven’t seen them there since. They are on Amazon, however, for around $30. Still well worth the price.

  3. Oh, crud. I didn’t check your link before I posted my last comment: Didn’t realize you were actually selling them. You can edit out my link and stuff. I don’t want to step on toes here, please forgive me.