Free Live Soil Restoration Webinar — 7 Comments

  1. I hope we have to in our over the road trucking job. When we get off the road I pray our farmstead does what we need.

  2. Will there be live videos like Nick’s Plant Propagation course? He was awesome and I learned a lot from him. I watched Mike’s first free class in a PowerPoint and liked the info but would really love the live video?

    • Hi Carol,
      Sorry I just found this thread, we have set videos, like the ones you see and also q&a session videos. There might be some “live video to demonstrate complicated functions, but I wanted to focus more energy on sharing the information than production value which would have increased the cost of the course/consultancy considerably. We are doing monthly soil sample analysis of your property and communicating directly with you on actions to take along with providing the instructional videos. I hope that helps 🙂