Free Bacon For Life from a New MSB Supporters — 16 Comments

  1. I got my first Butcherbox last month, and I got free bacon and free ribeyes.  I had the ribeye for my birthday dinner, and I was blown away! I’ve never had a better steak EVER!

    Here’s my question though? If I already have a Butcherbox subscription, is there a way for me to get the $10 off each month since I’m MSB, or is that a question for them?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the ribeyes for your birthday dinner!

    As Jack mentioned, if you’re an existing ButcherBox customer already, all you need to do is email with the MSB member code and proof of your MSB membership and they will apply the discount to your current subscription.



    Head of Partnerships at ButcherBox

    • Thanks for chiming in Dan. To any and all, if proof of membership is ever needed with any partner, just CC me on the email with your username so I can verify it.

    • Before I saw your message, Dan, I contacted someone through the online chat and she was able to help me immediately.  I had never used the online chat feature before, and frankly, I was surprised at how smoothly it went.  Great job, guys!

  3. Thanks Jack.

    I don’t often get to use my MSB discount for stuff, just because I’m a scavenger for a living.  However, between this and Dr’s Nutrition, I’ll be saving some serious cash.

  4. Jack, Jack, Jack,

    Many small family farms RELY on local and/or direct sales of carefully raised meats.  These are the people you can get to know, visit their farms, learn about how they raise their animals (100% grassfed?  Grass FINISHED?  Non-GMO?  Confined to a barn or feedlot area, or ranging on pasture?).

    Many  homesteads that either raise livestock primarily for themselves also rely on local sales of extra pork, beef, lamb, and/or chicken to help make ends meet.  Usually this is done by sales of the whole live animal, or shares, like half a beef animal, or half a pig.

    Then there are the people trying to start up a small, sustainable/ regenerative/ permaculture type farm, or grow one from a homestead level.

    How many of these important sales will companies like Butcher Box take from these small, local, family farms and homesteads?????


    Our understanding is that the meal delivery services and large regional and national meat delivery services like Butcher Box are already having a negative impact on local sales, and farmers’ markets.

    You do such an outstanding job with the Survival Podcast, and we deeply appreciate your work.  We are very curious about your thinking on this.

    Merry 12th Day of Christmas to you and your family!

    • Believe as you wish but many local farms need channels to sell into. Channels like this one.

  5. Does the 10 dollar/order discount apply to the every other month plan? So save 60 per year on 6 orders instead of 120 on 12?

  6. So, maybe the much better question here is: Dan, how do those of us getting into the sustainable and pasture-raised meat business become suppliers with a great distribution company like yours?

    • If only they had information about how they source meat on their website, LOL

  7. Anytime you have to send someone money to get something, you are not getting it, for free. Last time I mentioned this, i was called an asshat, and told Jack doesn’t want me as a customer. Doesn’t change the facts though. Send money to get something you are paying for it.

    • You are indeed an asshat and no I don’t want you as a customer.  Be gone!  I would explain it to you but all you would do is try to draw a diagram with your crayons and get angry and bang your helmet on the table.