Episode-758- Frank Sharpe on Coming Unrest and Home Defense — 23 Comments

  1. @Jack and Frank,

    I posted briefly the last time Fortress Defense was the Sponsor of the day about the Level 1 Pistol Class. I can attest that the class was very beneficial, and provided me with the tools and initial training that will enable me to improve in the use of self-defense weapons.

    Frank and his co-instructors did a great job, providing regular, active feedback at every step. The ratio of instructor to student was really great.

    Undoubtedly, I will be looking to take another class from Frank in the near future.

  2. Jack-
    You’re on a particularly hot streak lately with your show content!
    It’s much appreciated. Keep it up and stay safe.

  3. Spots in the rifle course are still available (10:36 CT), no one has come through with a deposit yet – call now if you want to get in on it!

  4. Having lived through a lawless period after a category 5 hurricane, I can attest to the importance of all preps. Firearms are a critical component of these preps. the ONLY law during the time was that which you were Willing and Capable of Enforcing Yourself.
    You will be dealing with Groups of people. Typical for us was romaing gangs of 6-10. In the business section is was mobs of hundreds. This is not the time to be carrying a 5 shot snub nosed revolver with no reloads.
    This experience made me a firm believer in magazines with large amounts of ammo.
    I’m a big fan of the power and flexibility of the 12 gauge pump shotgun, but after training with John Farnam and Frank Sharpe, I’ve switched to an AR platform.
    What ever platform you go with, seek professional training and practice often.

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  6. Frank said something about missiles from Libya found in Mexico last week. Any news on that! That’s pretty concerning.

  7. Frank – you rattled off several rifles during your commentary on the rifle course including the Mini-14. WITHOUT starting a mini vs. ar debate, I’m assuming that you find them both reliable and accurate enough given that you mentioned them?

    Thanks for any feedback

    • Tim,

      I’ve seen many come through classes and they have been no more or less reliable than the AR15’s we see. And accuracy is not a problem with them in the least.

      They are still popular, and we see our share, The issue used to be finding standard capacity magazines that didn’t cost you a weeks pay, but as I understand it now, they are available at a reasonable cost.

    • That infomation came to me through my LE sources, so take it as you will. I can’t site you a news source at this time.

      However, with 10-20,000 now in black market circulation, I would suggest that it’s simply a matter of time.

  8. Franks right on when talking about the current unrest. I’ve been following the ‘occupy’ situation in our town and found out tonight that it’s basically local self described ‘old school’ marxists pushing the agenda – people I recognize, some I know from public meetings. Unfortunately, as stated in the podcast, several libertarian friends became involved and the line is a bit blurred. As Jack put it, the general public malaise is very thick, so many are getting drawn into this without realizing the movement for what it is … . In regards to our area, I am speaking from personally knowing the local players here and no, I don’t care to reveal where I am writing from. I’m only writing this to assure you of the gravity and breadth of the national movement; ours is a city with a population of just over 100,000 – so it’s not a NYC, ATL or the like. Something to consider – I live on the outskirts of town in the country though.

    In that regard, yes, it does have the potential to skyrocket. While following their forum for our area tonight, I noticed they were now targeting various commercial and governmental districts and meetings, but for the most part, banking. Like you two put it, how long till it affects the critical infrastructure movements like UPS and basic mail?

    Outside of the missing missiles (which is bad enough), another aspect to consider is the amount of sheer weight this movement is putting on LE and security infrastructures, not to mention how much it is tying up JTF resources. Simply stated, it wouldn’t take too much for this to tie up even the most robust emergency departments if something was to break bad. Part of me simply has to believe that a good deal of this movement’s purpose is just plain diversionary. Good to hear you guys quoting Mas. He has some great points about these subjects.

    I’m not in law enforcement, just a security analyst by trade for part of the week to earn some bread and keep my preps up. Well, putting in my two cents on the topic. Great podcast.

    Anyway, keep your powder dry as they say … maybe a wild ride.

  9. I heard you say that a SAM was found in Mexico two weeks ago, I can not find this story anywhere. Can someone seen me a link so I can see the story for myself?


  10. I agree wholeheartedly about having a dog, whether it’s a bull mastiff or a chihuahua. Dogs usually become territorial and loyal to their families. In fact, that is the reason that some people are attacked (mis)takenly. I have a terrier that I have trained to associate the doorbell with guests and strangers and he will bark at any sight of movement at the front door and even when there’s a bell on the television. As annoying as it is when I’m trying to watch a show, I accept the fact that he’s doing what I’ve trained him to do. When he starts barking and I don’t know why, I ALWAYS check it out. I also work from home and that increases the chances of me being home during a home invasion by roughly 33%.

    My list of security priorities goes thusly;
    Deterrence – If I can dissuade them from entering in the first place, I avoid all risk.
    Warning – If they are not deterred then if I can see them coming, I have the advantage and can minimize risk.
    Escape – If I can get out before they get in, I again avoid a lot of risk.
    Confrontation/Subduement – If the above three are ineffective and I have no other choice, I will respond with an appropriate amount of force. I know how vague that is, but that’s essentially the way the laws are written in California.

    Having a canine and alarm system helps to fulfill the first two objectives for me. Knowing which doors make which sounds and generally being in tune with the sounds in and around my home can help with the second and third objectives. Having a firearm and being trained in it’s use helps to fulfill the fourth objective.

    You can never prepare for every scenario that could ever happen, but I believe that these four steps could save my life and I use them in my planning.

  11. Using a weapon light on a rifle to ID someone without pointing the rifle at someone can be done. Put the rifle at the “Tactical” carry, stock tucked into your side muzzle up at eye level. Turn on the light pointed at the ceiling and this will be enough light to ID people in the room.

    I’ve used this technique in Iraq and Kuwait as a Marine an it works very well.

    Just be careful because this a slow position to employ a rifle from.