Episode-620- Frank Sharpe Jr. on Armed and Unarmed Self Defense — 19 Comments

  1. @machismo,

    Yes, self-defense training is “macho codswallop” (whatever that is) and storing food, having a generator is paranoid nonsense. And diversifying one’s’ investments is lack of confidence in our economy.

    That is until such preparations or training are needed, and then it is anything but.

    If you think the content of this Podcast was “macho” then you’ve probably not been exposed to the nonsense that typically surrounds various “tough guy” topics.

    Bottom line–being trained and prepared to defend oneself is good sense. We should all just hope we are never required to engage in such “macho” things to defend ourselves or our loved ones. There’s nothing “macho” about it in my view. It’s a terrifying prospect to consider.

  2. Hey Jack and those who are in Southwest Missouri and North West Arkansas,
    There is a new range near Springfield MO called Sound Of Freedom. They do not have moving targets but they do allow drawing and rapid fire.

    I am not affiliated with them at all but my wife took me there last weekend for my birthday…

    Great place. Clean. Professional. Good Experience. It would be great to get the MSB members in the area there some day as a get to gather.


  3. Good episode densely packed with usable information.

    Please attempt to take the following constructively:

    I must say the bit about retention holsters for open carry seemed wrong. Is the thinking that a strap would delay another person from snatching your heater? Wouldn’t it also delay your own deployment?

    For woods/hiking/hunting handguns, why slow down presentation?
    I rock one of these it that circumstance:

  4. The important thing to consider regarding holsters is usability and comfort. A retention holster does not require a strap. I make holsters that retain the firearm and do not have a strap. I make some that do have straps. The important thing is being comfortable with the holster and practice practice practice. If a leather holster is worth having it will protect the gun, retain the gun and draw easily. If you don’t have that you need to shop around.

    If you practice with the holster the snap will not slow you down. Decide on what you are most comfortable with, spend the money on a good one and practice.

  5. If I had a retention strap 35years ago there wouldn’t be a 22 mag pistol now lost somewhere in the north woods.

  6. The thing you need to remember is TSA can take almost anything, and every airport is different. I’m an airline pilot and have had to go through screening (yes in uniform, please don’t get me started) 4 time in 3 countries in one day. Just because the guy (girl) at one checkpoint doesn’t care whats going through doesn’t mean you will get it through the next or next time at the same one. You just never know. (ya, ya TSA doesn’t know so why should we).

  7. Great Podcast I agree with virtually everything said. I was wondering if there would be anyone from the Upper Midwest/Minnesota area interested in having this guy or his company come out for a training session?

  8. In 2005 I was not allowed to bring my Kubotan past security (I was active duty Submariner at the time) and the person ahead of me was allowed to bring his hockey stick on board.

  9. Jaybob – the S&W pen goes everywhere with me, as well! Wonderful tool!

    And thanks to everyone for all the great feedback!

  10. I have lost 3 pens 2 fake Monte Blanc’s and a S&W in the UAE, Liege and Miami. It all depends. There are things to think about, like you never know what they know that is not being reported. Each airport is run to a certain degree by the staff on the ground there. All I’m saying is never count on it getting through. And yes, I lost the pen’s when I was in uniform and once I was going to a flight I was assigned to fly. There is just no way to say “I will have it onboard”.

  11. Good point, Chris. This is why we need to layer and understand what can be used to improvise.

    Overseas airports are, of course, a completely different situation than domestic.

  12. I didn’t catch how to spell the name of the key ring weapon that Frank mentioned. Anyone know what it was or how to spell it?