Episode-737- Frank Sharpe Jr. on Emerging Threats — 28 Comments

  1. Frank,I can’t make it to your place. Do you know of any other reputable trainers in other states, specifically PA?

      • @Frank,

        There’s an open lot or two in my neighborhood ready for building, and existing houses come up regularly. We’re suburban, but we’ve got some Nature around us as well.

        Plus…a bit farther South (of both of us) or Southeast there are a lot of places you could find with a bit more property. You could probably set up a nice little range even.

        It would probably be an easy commute to any business you had to attend to in Illinois.

        We’ve had plenty of people from Illinois bringing views opposite mine, so it would be refreshing to have someone with yours to balance them out. Plus, I can only imagine you’d be a great asset to the neighborhood watch. 🙂

  2. @Jack, Frank,

    In regards to “attacking the rich people,” in London. That is very revealing. Anyone who works for a living, owning their own little business is “Rich” and a target for these leeches.
    It really is alarming how the minds of these people have been twisted into thinking that a Mom and Pop shop owes these people something, and are targets for retribution.

    One other thing. I was told by a gentleman who was a local prosecutor about a situation in the 1970s, where there was an absolute robbery spree in the area. It came to a pretty quick end, following a series of shop owners very aggressively protecting their property and livelihood with .357 Magnums (at that time a popular choice apparently).

    Wisely, the County Prosecutors didn’t attempt to prosecute these people exercising their rights to self defense, and the problem went away.

    All this “mob” nonsense we’ve seen is heading to this level very quickly I think. Sooner or later, these moronic little thugs are going to push people to the point where they are forced to take measures to save themselves. Then I’m sure these poor “kids” will be touted as “victims” of “gun violence.” Still–given the choice between having their head stomped into the ground by people who you haven’t done any harm or even know, and using a weapon to defend oneself…there is no other responsible choice.

  3. Just a quick clarification, Massachusetts does require you to have a permit just to own/posses a firearm but there is no waiting period or purchase limits. Also it can in fact take months to receive a permit after applying. Mass also still has an “assault weapons” ban.

  4. @Frank,

    Wow, cool offer. E-mail sent. I am not very good at shooting pistol, so I could really stand to improve.

  5. Nope, guns not allowed here in Holland. Might have to get by with a baseball bat, flamethrower, electric fence, fireworks bomb and german shepherds

  6. So everyone knows – we have the free spots spoken for, but there are still a few pay spots left. We’ve decided to give SPC listeners 10% off on the Sept 10 and Sept 24-25 classes since so many of you have contacted us.

    Just mention it when you sign up!

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  8. Frank,I live in Michigan and looks like I could use some of that training. I cant go in September because I will be in Ohio at the path finders event but I need to get your schedule to see when your next class’s will be.. thanks Brent

  9. Jack and Frank, What another awesome show guys!
    I am a police officer in the midwest and unfortunately Jack is right, most officers DO NOT train with their firearms like they should. If we are lucky, we train/qualify twice a year with our primary handguns for about a total of 200-250 rds. The department will not allocate more at this time. A couple of years ago we were shooting our primary handguns about 500 rds.

    I personally train with 800-1,000 rds on my own every year and I go to at least one handgun course every year, whether the department pays for it or I have pay my own way. I don’t say/do this to toot my own horn. I do this because I OWE it to the citizens that I serve, the other officers that I work with, to my family and to myself.

    Unfortunately, only about 10-15% of the officers I know do any significant training outside of what our agency provides. Actually, most officers only spend time on the range just before time for our qualifications.

    I personally believe that a major attack WILL happen here and happen soon. I want to make sure that I am ready for it if it happens where I am at, whether on duty or off.

    A great book for anyone wanting to learn to be better at using a handgun is the Modern-Day Gunslinger by Don Mann. While no book will ever replace a quality training program like Frank has, this book is a culmination of the best firearms training that I have received. I have recommended this book often.

    Lastly, anyone wanting to learn effective self-defense in a short period of time should look into Krav Maga. I trained in it and taught it for 9 years and found it to be extremely effective.

    • Tis true, sad to say. Training usually amounts to “qualification.” That’s not to say that there aren’t some departments out there that take it very seriously, the problem is that it’s not enough.

      An, YES! Big thumbs up to Krav Maga! It’s my favorite!

  10. 26000 try a town of 2500 a brawl at a local bar broke out when a male bouncer hit a woman.My home had been broken into and could not get a cop at my home for 2 day,s not only was the city police screwed so was the county due to being short handed and half the staff off for the weekend.

  11. Frank –
    Do you have any Women’s Defensive Pistol courses scheduled? Your website training calender seems to be on the fritz.

    • We have no open to the public Women’s Courses on the schedule right now, but if we know there is interest we will book one!

      How many ladies are interested on your end?

  12. Frank and Jack, Excellent Show! Thank you both.
    I have been fortunate enough to train with John Farnam (and several other quality Instructors) and I’ve also taken “Doc Gunn’s” Class.
    Jack: I carry an IBD in my right hip pocket, along with a windlass type TQ.
    The IBD & TQ are accessible to either hand…and I do train with them for Self Care and Buddy Care.
    I’ve used the IBD’s on 2 occasions, both auto accidents, and they’ve worked extremely well.
    (I’m an E.R. RN by trade fwiw) And you guys are right, the IBD’s are a bargain price-wise, and priceless when you really need them.
    Keep up the good work guys.
    Thanks again.

    • Prag,

      Great to know there’s are some DTI folks listening to the show!

      Was I present at the course with Doc?

      Excellent to hear you’re carrying the IBD and windless with you – you rock!

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  14. Frank and his Defensive Handgun class is incredible. All of his instruction team are professionals and great examples of safety while showing what is possible with a concealed hand gun. I came into the class with no training other than what I learned with guns as a kid. Frank and his team made me feel comfortable with everything we learned. I can say that I learned WAY more than I expected and was able to run close to 1000 round through my gun during the course. Absolutely amazing! For ANY price you can’t beat the training. I’m definitely signing up for the rifle and more advanced courses and learning to become an operator with my tools (aka – guns.)

    Thanks Frank, you rock!