Four Things Parler Needs to do to Blow Up Big Time — 2 Comments

  1. Like to see them adopt Gab’s subscription model because we’ll never have anything close to free speech so long as users are, as the late Aaron Swartz said, not the customer but the product.

    As soon as major advertisers settle in and start catching grief from activists masquerading as journalists about daring to share a platform with users who engage in WrongThink, it’ll be Twitter all over again. And don’t think they won’t pressure Parler to swing the banhammer if it’ll help them placate the woke mobs.

    Anyone who doubts this, I encourage to look at the research done by nickmon1112. He’s on Parler and Telegram.

    • I don’t think they are going to use that model. I think they are going to rev share some way with creators with premium subs and the like. If they actually listen to me I can really help them with this, we shall see.