For Those that Got In on the Lifetime Membership Sale — 2 Comments

  1. …and maybe also the people who took advantage of the “24hour sale” a week or so ago and used the mail-in forms. No rush, at your convenience, just a reminder.

    • Perry,

      Dorothy handles all MSB manual entry except lifetime conversions which I insist on doing personally. You can email here at spirkod at to check on your account.

      We receive our mail at a receiving service she picks it up only twice a week, usually she is pretty on top of things.

      If you do email to inquire please include your full real name as you put it on the form and the username you requested.

      The two big issues we have with this are

      1. People do not print their email clearly and we get a bad email entry

      2. The customers ISP is blocking us, if you are on US West, Bellsouth, Optonline or SBC Global this is likely. We are working on this issue.