For Those Planning on Attending Operation Locust – Cancellation is Now Likely — 7 Comments

  1. What is the tree pictured in the blog? I have black locust growing, just dropped all leaves, but it doesn’t look anything like the picture.

    • It is a black locust, one old enough to flower they only do that for about two weeks in spring.

  2. Don’t forget that we had BEAUTIFUL weather for all 3 days for the battery bank class when I was there. Clearly I bring good weather with me 🙂


  3. Jack –

    Just wanted to chime in on your dates. Sadly, I am not able to make it anyway on Saturday the 12th. However, I’d be willing to come out on Sunday the 20th.

    Driving in from Colleyville.

    • I should also be able to make it out for the rescheduled date if it happens. Driving from Euless in the event you’d like to carpool Tim.