Episode-2305- Food Storage for those that Don’t Live On Carbs — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for this episode…  It has been a struggle.  On one hand I have the preps, but the old rice, wheat and bean staples plus dehydrated goods.  This helps fill in the other end of the spectrum of stored goods, and things I am looking to use more than the carbo load.

  2. Canned mackerel is another fish that’s full of healthy oils, and it’s usually very inexpensive too. We don’t use it much in this country, but there are lots of recipes on line. This is one I’ve made that would adapt very well to making with all preps, as the writer notes:
    Fried sardines are terrific! I don’t even use the parchment like Alex; just turn them gently. They are great on a big salad. Their own oil, often nicely seasoned or flavored, does for cooking and also for making a quick dressing for the salad.

  3. Keith Snow, I would very much recommend finding a good upper cervical chiropractor for your son. I use NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) Technique in my practice and it does have good success with seizures. has a search option for finding a Doctor in your area.

  4. Have you thought about Homeopathy? A good book to check out is, “Homeopathy, The Great Riddle” by Richard Grossinger.  I’m not saying it is for you, or your son, but the cost of care is one good reason to check it out.