Episode-1592- Ben Hewitt on Nutrient Dense Food Production — 15 Comments

    • That was my wife the other day on half a pint of blueberries the other day. I sat them down, and 5 minutes later looked down and they were all gone.

      Oh well, she probably needed to gorge herself on spring / early summers bounty!

  1. We tilled one of our beds for the first time since it was established after 6-7 years of no till (but broadforking and weeding) and the result was insane weed pressure. Wont’ do that again!
    I have not gotten the fully mulched no boradfork/soil disturbance approach to work, however.. Would like to for sure – but we’re so wet – heavy mulching often wreaks havoc on plants in my experience, here.

    • If you’re THAT wet, maybe you’re in one of the few places that seriously elevated raised beds [something like 2 feet above grade] are a good idea Ben?

  2. Bulk seed MSB discount? Almost time to renew my lifetime membership. Thank you Jack.

  3. He mentioned fermenting the green beans. I wonder does he eat them raw through the winter or cooks them? I know its better not to cook fermented foods because it kills the lactobacillus. But maybe the main benefit of fermenting the green beans is not having to can? I cant imagine eating uncooked green beans? Great show though. Going to order his book.

    • They do break down a bit and my thoughts are he is using whey (left over from making cheese from his cows) to ferment with. They will still have a crunch but they are amazing! Try just one pint on your counter and see if you like it :).

  4. Great discussion on child/seniors as disposable consumers.

    Ben’s book, The Town that Food Saved, is a must read on interdependence of local businesses.

  5. So, this is kind of funny, I think:

    I was listening to this podcast, and I thought to myself, that Damn Yankee is talking so fast, I can’t understand him. And, then I realized that because Ben is talking so fast, Jack is talking too fast, also. Like maybe unconsciously, Jack’s native Pennsylvania was creeping back in to keep up with Ben. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. I kept thinking about all the people I went to school with in Oklahoma and longed for that slow, Southern Drawl.

    It wasn’t until I started listening to the next podcast that I realized I had accidentally hit the “Speed @ 1.5x” button on my phone!

    Great interview, Jack.

  6. Ben is a great asset to the show… Love the content and foundation, but if I heard um one more time I was going to jump off the roof.