Food Forest Planting Workshop is Now Open for MSB Only — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to get there and meet Jack, Josiah, Nick, and Dorothy. I’m about as giddy as a school girl. I’m Pumped!

  2. Sounds like awesome workshop. One of us here are going to try to attend. Question, will this workshop provide a Certificate or other credential recognizable and attachable to our Permaculture Global account?

    • Yes it will, certified by myself. It will list Josiah Wallingford and Nick Ferguson and likely a third TBN instructor as co instructors. I will not be doing paper certs though, only on

      The course outline will also be published and can be used with a potential client if you think that will be helpful.

      Again though just to be clear this is a field level workshop almost zero classroom time.

    plan on getting my payment for me and POPS
    see you soon Brother.

    Man super hyped ….