Episode-2577- Nick Ferguson on Fodder Trees, Rare Plants, Permaculture and More — 4 Comments

  1. Jack, you were talking about not finding a rack that is the correct size for your home scale vertical farm.  Check out u-line’s website.  They have about a thousand different sizes for wire storage racks, both chromed steel and stainless steel with all the accessories like wheels and baskets that easily attach to them.

  2. Thanks but the rack isn’t the issue. The tanks (trays) are. I think we may have found an option for it though.

  3. Great episode and just interesting how all the various episodes lately have fit so well together (for me) lately. The song, especially the beginning reminded me of something by Queen.

  4. Use a U syphon as shown in the below video to go between bus tubs for your vertical farm.  On something as small as between buss tubs you can use 2 90 deg elbows and a little bit of pipe.  But it will level the water between the grow beds.  You would still need to put overflow protection in place with a float on the input side.  You would only need a bulkhead when you move down a level.  Otherwise it is simple, no moving parts and would require much less modification to your equipment.  If you didn’t want to use PVC pipe, you could use something like garden hose.