Five New Companies Added to the MSB — 5 Comments

  1. I can add my voice to the Doctors Nutrition chorus. My wife and I tried them recently. They ran the labs on us, and we actually got to talk to them for an entire hour. That’s more time with a doctor than I have gotten in my life total. Only been on the plan for a month, and already I have more energy than I had a decade ago, and I have lost 13 piunds. Well worth it.

    • Hi Andrew,
      I am so glad to here your positive feedback! I will always work diligently to help you and Jenn achieve your goals. It takes time and consistency to reach most worthwhile goals and Janet and I get great pleasure helping you. To the pure in heart all things look pure…….. guess you and your lovely wife are pure. At your service,
      Dr. Lewis

  2. Hi Jason!
    For those of you that don’t know, Jason is the one that encouraged Janet and me to go on Jack’s show to begin with. So for those of you that have been blessed by better health Jason is the one that started the flow! Jason and his brother Eli (owner of Texas Classic Productions) have been great investors in their health through Doctor’s Nutrition and great promoters as well. They have been extremely generous to us and have been nurturing to us in so many ways!
    Just goes to show that the more we give the more we get back which is true for all areas of our life. Thank you Jason, in my estimation you are a very quiet but powerful man.

  3. I really happy to hear Dr. Lewis back on the show. I’ve contacted them and had the testing done. Wow, I was truly impressed. I can’t wait to get started with the recommendations. I’m ready to hear them on the podcast again. Thanks Jack for having them on.