Episode-1342- Fishing Rivers and Streams — 13 Comments

  1. Loving these shows. Can’t wait for the coastal surf one. If you ever make it down to gulf coast to do some fishing, count me in. Just up the coast a little ways

  2. Can’t wait to listen to this one. My BOL is just a stones throw from the Susquehanna (North Branch).

  3. I live on a small river with small schools of fish. Unfortunately there is a wastewater treatment plant upstream that puts algae in the water and have to pay for ramped up flood insurance because FEMA is bankrupt due to Sandy and Katrina. Great views though.

  4. I went with my friends family to PA when I was about 14 to visit his grandmother. We went to some of the backwoods streams to fish. I still think about those PA streams a lot. Awesome times and great fishing with a good friend. Life gets no better than that!

  5. Awesome episode Jack! Brought back memories for me. In my neck of PA, we fished streams for trout from April to May, lakes for trout May to June and waded lakes at night for bass.

    First day of trout fishing in PA prepared me for combat fishing for salmon on a trip to Alaska.

  6. In Arkansas “Buffalo” fish is a good fish to eat that most call trash fish. There are a lot of those in Petit Jean river for example.

  7. As far as resources for finding access points The Gazetteer for whatever state was an awesome resource.

    Another very useful resource is the USGS stream flow data.
    It is very useful when you are getting ready to go fishing. You can predict water conditions before you get there. Nothings worse than driving an hour to your favorite stream/creek only to find it muddy due to a rain event. You can track rain events by the increases in flow rate and/or water level.

    Great show Jack, but did you have to tell everyone the “small water” secret? 🙂

  8. Wow – thank you SO much, Jack! It’s so funny how timing works in life. I’ve been getting fired up for fishing over the long winter; getting my licenses + info squared away etc etc. Basically doing everything to overcompensate for NOT being outside! I’ve been listening (and LIVING) your show for a while; your decision to do a fishing series just took it to another level.

  9. Hi Jack,

    I fished for native brook trout in mountains streams all through my late teens and 20’s using ultra light fly rod from an orvis kit that I assembled myself and tied my own wet flies. I also did fishing trips in the Canadian wilderness of Quebec

    In my mid 30’s I took up surfing ..

    Anyway, a friend of mine says has a daughter who is a biologist and tells me that fish in Maine are contaminated with mercury from acid rain. That is discouraging as otherwise I might consider fishing as a supplemental way to feed myself as I get older or during retirement. Any thoughts on that ? What about other parts of the USA or the world ?

  10. hey jack
    just thought id share a little story of my own. living in oregon i spend as much time chasing salmon and steelhead as i can but one week a year i take off for alaska to visit friends and go to a cabin my buddy owns. two years ago on lake creek fishing for coho (silvers) we were having a hell of a time trying to hook up using common salmon methods. i found a little rainbow color rooster tail in my buddys tackle box and said what the hell i might as well target trout. i started pitching it straight upstream only a foot or two from the bank and bam!!! 13 salmon landed for in 16 casts! that spinner was wrecked!!! it was epic. thank you for these shows they’re a nice change of pace and go right along with one of my biggest passions. keep up the great work