Episode-135- Fishing Options for the Modern Survivalist — 5 Comments

  1. LMAO, Jack…I’m so abused… =-P

    I didn’t make the comment b/c I don’t like to get “dirty”, it’s just not my preference for something to do. Plus, I don’t think it is the ideal environment to have a shindig, plus people were wanting to have a shoot, impossible on the beach.

    Personally, I prefer going to a lake to go swimming and let my kids play in the sand/dirt. I also like to go toobing, which is a freakin’ blast. THAT’S what we should do some time.

    I’ll be more than willing to join you guys, though. I’m not a fishing type of guy, but I’ve gone fishing before and I’ll definitely give it a try. =-]

  2. Dan, just razzing you! I think you guys are right on a get together and the beach not being the best place. What ever yall choose, I will be there!

    The surf trip though is going to happen, probably more then once this year. Any and all are welcome, I am thinking one in Matagorda or Bryan Beach and one where we run down to Padre with Halffast since he is willing to drive up to our side of the coast. The more I learn about Bryan Beach the less I feel like ever going to Freeport ever again.

  3. Dan, tall boys do good surf fishing! Those long arms are a real advantage when your using rods 10 to 12 feet long. The best part to me is that you never know what you’re going to catch off of the beach.

  4. weekends are made for the Outdoor channel and fishing and hunting shows. Lets me live vicariously threw them.

    In addition callmeacycnic showed off a new free app from the itunes app store.. ipod bass fishing..

    I have Cabelas that I can play on the computer but on the ipod touch looks like a hoot.