First Tuesday Chat with Jack, John & Nicole – Episode – 3043 — 6 Comments

  1. Now might be a great time to sell some of those excess ‘prepper’ supplies. Prices on a lot of things are up 200%.

    Jack, do you have a personal rule of thumb for what percentage of your wealth to keep in FRN (Federal Reserve Notes)?

    The problem I’m having is real estate prices have gone full tard, and I already have OVER 25% in PMs. MOHR crypto, sounds fun…but I already have a big HODL pile.

    Great to see the three of you together, makes me smile.

    • Right now as much as you are willing to hold for opportunity and security at a cost of 10% loss per annum. That is a reality not an opinion and when I look at that reality giving my opinion of what you should do is all but impossible.

      • Agreed.

        I was thinking that a different way to think about it is: 6 months expense money + ‘opportunity’ money.

        In ‘opportunity’ I’d include ‘capital to get a new business running’.

        The goal wasn’t ‘excess cash’, just stuck in between properties. =)

  2. On the employee thing “A Message to Garcia” is worth a read (it’s very short & available online). This is a ‘forever’ problem. =)

  3. Jack… if you’re going to say fuck every 5 seconds at least use it in context.. you are no longer using it to “make a point”. I’m not offended, it just sounds ridiculous in the way you are using it.