Episode-151- Finding The Time To Prep — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,
    My faith focuses a lot on preparedness. I had a friend I use to work with of the same faith and his local church leader one Sunday asked 9 families to participate in a preparedness drill. He asked them starting right then, to not eat anything except out of their food storage for one month. No grocery stores, no advance warning, no eating out. One mother was pregnant so they opted out but the other 8 agreed to participate and the 8 families were allowed to barter with each other or share. When they agreed to this, they all said they had at least one month’s food stored.

    It was a very interesting test. At the beginning all 8 families got together to inventory what they had and decided to barter to a certain extent. Almost all of them found that after about 1 week, their dairy supply was gone except for powdered or condensed milk. After 2 weeks, there fresh meat supply was gone. After 2 ½ weeks there was no meat left. From that point on, they were living off of canned vegetables, rice, beans, pasta, and wheat. My friend was out of meat and dairy after about one and a half weeks and after a solid week without meat, bartered 2 cans of tuna for several loaves of baked bread.

    In the end, it was enlightening. You can survive off wheat, beans, and rice, but it is not fun to go from eating animals usually every day to nothing. Doing as you suggest and doing it for one meal from time to time is a great way to think about what it would be like to lose the supply chain. After you do that, think about extending that same meal out multiple weeks or months and the variety you would have after having a similar type meal for 6 weeks. Do you have any meat left? If you have beans and rice, do you have the variety of recipes to keep yourself or your family happy? Etc, Etc . . .

  2. In this episode, it was recommended to store gas in your vehicle. I like this idea, but other people have told me it is dangerous because if another car ever rear-ended you then there could be a fire or explosion. If I did store gas in my car trunk, is there a safer way to do it?

  3. @SpaceCaptain,

    Some people watch too much Hollywood produced videos.

    1. Impact does not cause gas to “explode” or even burn. It requires a flame or spark or a lot of heat.

    2. Gas in liquid form in a PROPER gas can is very safe. The key is being sure it is well sealed so no vapors fill the trunk.

    3. People that worry about carrying 2-5 gallons of gas in a gas can should consider the 13-30 gallons in their gas tanks.

    4. Could gas in a trunk burn or explode ever? Sure if the trunk of your car was on fire! By the time your trunk is engulfed in flames don’t you have bigger problems?

    My view is the risk is outweighed by the benefits. My risk of having to be on foot in a bad part of south Dallas out weighs my risk of something going wrong with a gas can. Think of it have you ever heard even one news story of a gas can exploding in a car?

    Just don’t be cheap buy good quality cans with good seals and take them out once a week and crack the seal and vent the vapor outside. You also want to strap the can down or secure it in some way so it does not move or tip over while driving. Other then that you have to make the choice for yourself by weighing the risks and rewards. Obviously in a truck you can carry it in the bed or in a external tool box or what have you. If you have the option it is better to be sure.

  4. When I was in school (the first time) I thought I knew what busy was.

    When I got out of school and went to work in the corp world, I really thought I knew what busy was.

    When I got a “bigger” gig in the corp world I again thought I knew what busy was.

    Then I had a kid.

    After all of that I went back to school (grad) and I really, really, really thought I knew what busy was.

    Then I had another kid.

    Funny thing. Family, job, school, outside interests, preps and various other things I still manage to get things done.

    Somethings fall by the wayside, some don’t, but in the end it all works out.

    Point is: When you think you are too busy and don’t have enough time and are too tired, reach down and give another 20%. You will be surprised at what you are capable of doing. You might even find that limit you think you have, but I doubt it.

    Excellent show Jack.

  5. Still playing catch up…
    Never would have thought of the 5 gallon bucket idea with drip tubing on my own. That is the most brilliant thing I have heard of!

    THANK YOU! Gardening is going to be even MORE awesome this spring!