Final Opportunity for the MSB Summer Sale — 3 Comments

  1. Jack, I’m already a mbr of the mbr support brigrade – however, I was in the military – U. S. Navy from 1992 to 2005. So I would like a discount on the next mbr support brigradge subscription. Thanks.

  2. Well there is nothing I can do for you here. What you need to do is email me for the mil discount code, cancel your renewal subscription and after your current term expires, log into the MSB and set up a new subscription.

    Those that pay by paypal need to understand no one can “charge against” your paypal account. With paypal the buyer “sends the money”, even an automatic renewal is ALWAYS under the buyer control and all it is in effect is you setting up a send for a specific amount at a regular interval.

  3. Jack,
    i’m back, last time had problems w paypal, hopefully we’re good now, i Have been in the Navy the last 20.6 years. thanks for all you do–jared