Episode-2177- Ben Fetterman on Odyssey of the Mind — 6 Comments

  1. Jack, about the popping noise…

    It sounds like cell phone interference, unless you are hitting a vape pen like a mad man! 🙂

    If you have a cell phone near one of your audio cords, the phone will cause that noise when transmitting. Keep your cell phone away from your gear and see if it improves. Helped me when I was using headphones with a cord.

  2. Jack the machine gun noise sounds like data coming or going via a cell phone. My last Motorola phone would make that same noise when I was recording video. I solved the problem by going into airplane mode.
    I would guess that even having a cellphone transmitting something next to the mic or on Ben’s phone would cause the same things.
    Remember Nextel phones would screw with your TV signal before getting anything incoming?

    • That was suspect #1, hasn’t played out, I’m hoping today’s interview goes better.

  3. Ben great interview! I’m just down the street from you in Woodward and own the IngleBean Coffee Shop in Millheim! Come on in and let me buy you a coffee! I’d love to talk to you about an idea I have and it involves your daily history segment.
    Either way great to have another like minded person in the area.