Episode-984- Listener Feedback for 9-24-12 — 31 Comments

  1. Hey, Jack, check this top bar out. It’s about wild bees in a drum….so you could just use the lid as the top bars,

  2. Jack,

    I read the “deer attack” story this morning on The Blaze and the very first thing I thought of was that someone put ‘buck lure’ on it.

    Then I thought, smart hunters wouldn’t waste a high dollar buck lure for that, instead, someone, (or several someone’s) most likely “pissed” on the obama sign themselves.

    I dunno, maybe it really was a “smart deer”… some of the deer I’ve hunted were pretty damn smart. 😉

  3. “The Golden Era” in Weimar Germany indeed followed the time of hyperinflation. However, as you know, they had to re-base their currency in order to restart their economy. We’re going to have to exhaust the dollar so we can move to a new currency. Is that what QE-Infinity is designed to do? Sounds like.

  4. Stop loss orders are monitored by the large players. They try to look for a large section of stop loss orders within a price range then they drive the stock short down to that point where they trigger the selling. I would keep a stop loss on paper and monitor the stock price. You can use an ETF that has a short position in a certain sector to help you make money on the down side. Learn to play their game on a small scale.

    • Roberto is correct. I protect against this by keeping to stocks with good volume (so it’s harder for bad players to gap down the price), and setting my trailing stops at 20-25%. I can’t babysit my stocks, but there’s a good argument for doing so. A 5-10% trailing stop can get picked off in a heartbeat when the chart doesn’t even show the price dip down that far. A mandatory 0.05 second delay on trades would do wonders to even the playing field.

  5. Hi Jack,

    I’m currently in a history seminar covering the Wiemar Republic. You are correct, we hear so many references to 1920s Germany, but most know relatively little about the story behind this unstable republic. The lessons to be learned are not limited to the hyperinflation. Won’t go into details here, but let me know if you are at all interested in a potential interview with the professor. He’s very down to earth, and I bet he’d agree to it!

    • Shoot I misspelled Weimar again. guess that’s why I’m an engineering student not an english major

  6. The bee whisperer here for u Jack. The barrel hive is not new. Robo hive is what it is called. U can see his site. Made in the late 1990’s. I have made three of them and can be seen in backwoodsman magazine. They work well and build big natural comb. When u talk about swarming it is time to split the hive and make two hives or kill the old queen and introduce a new one. Most top bar people do not care about swarming do to the hippie beekeeper that i am making more bees for the world. Commercial beekeepers trade out queens or split hive and never add more then two deep brood boxes. If u have any questions u can get me at A Bee Friendly Company on face book or email Michael Jordan “The Bee Whisperer” at I do topbar, commercial, barrel, and my new ero hive. Shown one time on the discovery channel be for pattened. Keep up the great work. MJ

  7. Jack have you ever read the book “How do you kill 11 million people” by Andy Andrews? It’s a provocative title and maybe for good reason. It’s basically dealing with the holocaust and the real question is how do 11 million people allow themselves to be killed. To basically just lay down give up. He has an interesting and eye opening answer. The only reason I ask is because the last few minutes of your podcast today sounded a lot like that book. I would love to hear your opinion on that book. It’s a really short book. I am a slow reader and it only took me 20 minutes to get through it. Anyway, great show today, thank you for what you do!

  8. Thanks for answering my question in this episode. Sometimes we really just need to hear someone else say what we already suspect. I constantly doubt our decision to move after my husband lost his job and secured another. I had hoped we’d have more time to fully reset ourselves after leaving a decent setup behind. You may have given me the best prep tool I could hope for at this point – perspective.

    I hope it helps others that may be in the same situation.

    • I suspected you would ‘slap me one’ for that question; but I didn’t know how many producers out there could achieve the .999 pure standard. I know some mints make coins with various amounts of purity.

      So if the Cdn dollar keeps above par, it will be cheaper to buy from TSPCOPPER

  9. I’ve been listening forever and rarely comment here. But that comment about the bats having sonar, is hands down the funniest shit you have ever said. I am still chuckling.

  10. I love that perspective of time to understand large numbers. Just for fun I was thinking about how much gold you would need to pay 16 trillion. I came up with 250,000 tons at $2000 an ounce. A quick Google search says approximately 181,000 tons have been mined so far, lol. All the gold in the world couldn’t pay it.

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  12. Sorry to rain on the palio parade but Stevia Powder is part of the palio diet?!

    Here a quote from an explanation of what the Palio diet is “…its central concept is to mimic the diet of humans that lived 25 to 50 thousand years ago, during the Paleolithic Age. …” They made Stevia back then as well….?

    • Sorry to rain on your parade but you don’t know what stevia is! Stevia is a plant, its use for sweetening and for medicinal use is thousands of years old. Sometimes if we don’t want to look foolish in the day and age we might want to use this thing called GOOGLE before running our textual mouths. I mean it is one thing to look like and idiot it is another thing to do so in a venue where we don’t have to.

    • OK, let me rephrase this a bit then: Did the cave man have access to the process needed to make stevia powder? Pluck, dry, grind the leaves etc. etc. Did they do that yes or no?

      And again Jack overreacts when some in critiques his show….
      Jack, do you ever treat people face to face you do online? Probably not because you would get you ass kicked. Or oh wait, you skills and cunning will safe you then won’t it? Or is it one of you knives you carry or your cold steel spray or your kuki-stick-thingy you will down your opponent with or you super gun skills? No, they won’t it would be the fact that you don’t act like a boob face to face full well knowing the consequences of your actions in real life.
      You got a nice show but you need to reign in your attitude a bit Jack as it shows lack of respect but I am sure it makes you feel better about yourself.