Episode-724- Listener Feedback for 8-15-11 — 22 Comments

  1. I am sure there are more Jersey City places like you have shown – when the ‘stuff’ totally hits the fan, for real ….. folks will begin to realize the preparations that you have been talking about should have been taken seriously. I am so very thankful I have a ‘place to go’ and I am (to the best of my age and ability) ready to go there. Keep up the good work & word … you are listened to by many … I look forward to my e.mails from you everyday and everyday I am encouraged.

  2. Jack, do you have a link for more info on the military retirement issue? I have a good friend who just received his honorable discharge from the Navy but wants to do OCS and do his 20 year service. Pretty sure he’d want to know more, but I don’t have a good source to send him.

  3. I have heard of California having lots of these tent city.You never see it on the news just hearsay from people that have been there and seen it.I have seen a lot more people staying in tents here in Mo more homeless people living under a bridge etc.

  4. The tent city photographs sure were powerful depiction of how some Americans are getting by.
    We run into some who we really think are living on our federal lands……

  5. Regarding the 5 min cake…

    We use the same principle, but we use a stoneware bunt cake pan. For the entire cake it takes about 10 mins.
    You can just use a cake mix and then drip the icing into the raw batter. The icing will magically fall to the bottom of the pan (which then will be on the top side of the cake once the cake is flipped out of the pan). We like to make lemon cakes this way too. 10mins to a freshly baked cake -yummo!

  6. Thanks for the information about Rick Perry. I had no idea. I will continue to evaluate all of the candidates, but I appreciate This

  7. I can testify to the Wheat Berries. Raw wheat cooked in an EcoWonder Oven with honey and strawberries or fresh raspberries, It doesn’t get much better than that for a cheap healthy breakfast.

  8. Believe every word Jack says about Perry. He will be the next president, and he’s not who people think he is. My farm in Central Texas was in the vicinity of the proposed highway, which was always a worry. He is not as conservative as people think he is, but placed beside Obama, he looks like a choir boy. He will bring the charismatic personality needed to win the Republican nomination, convert the fence-sitters (aka Independents), and potentially bring a pulse back to the economy and renew confidence just by stepping into the oval office. Just as long as we don’t become complacent and think that Perry is our new savior, realizing that he can be just as bad as anyone else that has held that office… he’ll need to be watched closely. I’ll probably get blasted for saying that, but after living in TX for 42 years, it’s a simple truth that most of us have figured out.

  9. In regards to the military being a harsher place to work compared to the private sector: don’t you think that people should be allowed to sign themselves in slavery? It’s not like the people joining don’t know what they’re getting into, so why do they deserve more?

    They join the military for the simple fact they either can’t get a comparable job in the private sector or they find the rewards better than the private sector. These are the same decisions that people taking a private sector make, so if you think that retirement is sacrosanct in the public sector, then it should be equally so in the private sector. It’s all a question of contracts and people entering into as informed participants.

    • @aletoledo,

      My guess is you are an anti military type who has never served in any capacity so you are speaking from that angle.

      First serving isn’t slavery it is serving though. Yes a person should be able to do that if they choose to, the key though is if you want the best to serve what do they get in return. The 20 year vesting program with 50% pay has been a huge reason that career military enter service in the first place.

      Second when you say “either can’t get a comparable job in the private sector” you are just dead WRONG, I had plenty of jobs I could have taken I joined to SERVE MY NATION. Today at 39 I can look back and see some real folly in that view point but at 17 it was my motive pure and true. The vast majority of recruits enlist at the age of 17-19 years of age. Most have not even tried to find a career yet, they are serving because they believe in what they are doing. No matter what politicians may do with the military those that go in as teenagers have a calling and an honor that those who have not served have a very hard time understanding.

      Third when you said, “they find the rewards better than the private sector” on that one you are correct. This is my point exactly, the military needs two types of members.

      1. The short term member who does 2-8 years, gives up the best of his/her youth and does the hardest jobs as a pure service. In the past these members left the military with nothing but the experience and training they got. Most found it more than worth it. This change would actually be good for them.

      2. The long term career officers and NCOs that temper that youth with wisdom and control. With out them the system doesn’t work. Taking away the 20 year retirement plan will vastly reduce the long term serving, this will eventually result in more of the abusive incidents that you probably have your animosity over in the first place.

      I am sorry but based on your comments you seem like a bitter person with little real understanding of the subject. I am aware that text is the lowest form of communications so if I am wrong I am sorry, yet I feel pretty sure about this one.

      Lastly you stated, “It’s all a question of contracts and people entering into as informed participants.”

      EXACTLY so why does the guy who served 10 years in this case only get half of what was promised in his contract?

  10. Jack,
    Do you have the video on pond aquaculture as mentioned around 1:06? I didn’t see it in the show resources. Thanks.

  11. How can you not mention Ron Paul? He can win through the actions of the people and the Real Media. End the defeatism Jack, please. Liberty is worth it right?
    Your largely right about Perry, who is not a Republican (most others are not either). He coward in the face of threats of the TSA, worked and Campaign for Al Gore, and sold out Texas to Merck>

    • @Scott, no I am very saddened to say that Ron Paul will never be our president. If I was discussing who I want to be president I would talk about him a lot, I do talk about him a lot. Today I was only mentioning Perry as a side note because he is going to be your next president.

      The media will ensure that Paul never stands a chance, this is being stated by a man who constantly donates money to Ron Paul and always votes for him.

      I didn’t mention him on this show because it pains me to think that this nation would pick a Rick Perry over a Ron Paul.

  12. Jack – your comments regarding the UK riots and folks here making sure we preserve our rights were spot on. Your comments on UK citizens arming themselves with bats and rakes was also way more accurate than many listeners may have realized – during the riots last week the site listed the top “movers and shakers” as being baseball bats – people were indeed trying to arm themselves with that which was available to them and allowed by their overseers.

  13. on the tent city thing, if you go there to find out about how they live, you also may want to be prepared to do political advocacy for them because you would probably contribute to publicizing their lifestyle etc. I think I fear the same thing you do and what other solution would govt have other than something akin to a FEMA camp ?

  14. The 5 minute chocolate Cake for one person.

    4 table spoons flour
    4 table spoons sugar
    2 table spoons coco
    1 egg beaten (or dry egg)
    3 table spoons milk (powder)
    3 table spoons of oil
    3 table spoons chocolate chips (optional)
    small splash of vanilla. (a few drops i am guessing?)
    Microwave safe mug.

    Dry ingredients mix well, add egg mix thoroughly, pour in milk and oil mix well. add chips and vanilla. Cook for three minutes.

    I have had this before very tasty. have not made. But I plan too! Please comment if i got it wrong or got mixed up on something.

  15. Also I just wanted to say, I love the listen feed back show. I would not mind two of them in a week. How about a extra Saturday or Sunday show. I know your weekend is special. Mine is too. But two on day while your in the office. That would be nice. As always Jack wonderful show. Really enjoy it.

  16. I remember the Hidden lakes of New Jersey in the Pine barrens, what a great place growing up to be there as one big happy group. Was nice then & is still nice. If you ever get to go into the pine barrens, please help those people with basis as they struggle to find work to all the people of NJ. I left many years due to the BS government there. Good luck Pine Hawkers!