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  1. How do you figure the Saiga AK-74, allegedly the weapon used by the shooter, survive the blast relatively undamaged, scope intact and in place.

    • Isn’t it interesting that the media isn’t making this out to be the gun’s fault when it’s an old SKS, yet it’s all about the gun when it’s an MCX. Hm.

      • Have you got an absolute confirmation about the SKS, I know there was one CBS mention but people do get things wrong. I don’t want anyone running with this until confirmed. But I am beginning to suspect it is accurate. Given the volume of fire though if an SK it was likely modified to take AK mags, if not, man that guy was very fast at clip reloads.

        • Okay just checked and Jose seems correct, looks like the rifle was an AK74, far from an SKS! Some dim whit cop likely told that dim whit CBS news person it was an SK in error.

          Warning graphic pics, very graphic

          As for how the rifle survived the blase Jose, that DOES NOT surprise me. A person hit with a concussion will die relatively easy, but their body as you will note is quite intact. The C4 was not contained by anything, so it was pure concussion, it would have almost no real effect on the rifle other then throwing it and what happens to it when it hits where it lands.

          If you have watched Mythbusters blow enough stuff up this makes a lot of sense.

        • Yeah I remember seeing a video of grenade test seeing if your odds are better above ground vs in the water. The dummy that they put in the water pool suffered tremendous shock from an underwater explosion. The surface dummy with surface explosion was better off.

  2. Good logical analysis of the Dallas incident. A thought that occured to me is that the shooter probably murdered a lot of native freedom fighters in Iraq as part of his army ‘mission’ there. That probably damaged him mentelly, in his anger at the government that sent to Iraq he made the unfortunate Dallas police officers the object of his anger. I wouldn’t have cared if he had attacked the Wall Street bankers or their puppet politicians but I think he did not have the intelligence to see who his real enemies were, instead he murdered hard working police officers. May they rest in peace.

    • Nope the guy was a carpenter, he likely shot no one in Afghanistan at all. Flatly the guy was a wacko, and a perv. Several of his former platoon mates said he was busted for stealing girls panties and stuff like that, though they never thought he would do this.

      Before he joined he wanted to be GET THIS a police officer. He was a troubled man, with a mental disorder who used meth. Then he sees both the reality and hype of police abuse of blacks, he has been rejected by the police as a candidate, and POP goes the wacko. Some things really are that simple.

      • Yes it probably is that simple in this case.
        Some of the media over this side of the Atlantic are telling us that he was working for the Russians ! That I didn’t believe for one moment. I actually dumped the TV in a recycling centre in the past and wont be replacing it, so in away I am not as up to date on these events as before. However my mind is more free and I am actually getting loads of tasks done while wearing an ear piece to an old Samsung Gallaxy 3 phone while listening to various Podcasts, burning off more calories too. I hadn’t realized until I changed over how unproductive watching TV is. Many people don’t realize that one can burn off a lot of callories just pottering around in the garden verses sitting in front of a TV.

  3. Regarding labels, my granddaughter is black, but she doesn’t like the label. She finds it odd that because of her skin color that people assume that she is sympathetic to people of the same skin color. She now calls herself “white”. If some white woman can identify herself as black and run the NAACP then my granddaughter can identify as white.

    She is also Jewish.

  4. Regarding the definition of deist, Penn Jillete calls himself a deist and he is one of many that I respect, but I’ve noticed that the list of what a deist believes will vary. Apparently, it is a range of beliefs and non-beliefs. The unifying theme seems to be that it is practical.

    Jack talked about G-d as a non-corporal entity. (I’m paraphrasing.)

    Jews traditionally do not (or should not) believe in a corporal G-d. Thus God is neither male nor female. When “the hand of G-d” reaches out to save someone, it is a figure of speech. A Jew should not think that G-d has an actual hand. You get the idea. This is one of the major elements that separate Jews and Christians. I’ve noticed that many Christians (though not all) believe in Jesus as G-d. Since Jesus had real hands and feet, etc, that violates the whole Jewish idea that G-d doesn’t have real hands and feet. The disagreement won’t start a war, but it creates a separation that is difficult to bridge.

    FYI, I am an Orthodox Jew.

    • Good stuff Alex.

      There are no more varied a group still bound by a common ideal than those whom are Deist, specifically varied in their take on that common ideal.

      This is why, there is no Deist catechism, no canon, creed, commandments. There is, never has been, never will be a Central Authority of the Deist community, other than the creator/creation itself.

      Hence how any deist defines the creator is always and must always be an opinion. As a Deist one simply knows there is a creator, and in that acknowledgement alone he/she finds meaning. Many are deeply spiritual, some not at all, many pray (but not the way a person in an organized faith would call prayer), many mediate and many do neither.

      The focus is outward, how can we make the world a better place. The business of the creator is seen to by the creator itself, we are to see to the business of life based on common morality and doing right only because of right sake.

      Any honest Deist and I think most are would say if asked who/what is God, would answer with “to me God is” or some variant thereof.

      That means, well I don’t know, and I don’t speak for others but I think…..

      And there you go. To a Deist while I can know the creator though the creation itself, I can’t define the creator though that same journey. It will have to wait for another plane of existence.

      The boundaries of this plane, walls, gravity, unanswered questions are all here to teach us, entertain us and challenge us. If asked the meaning of life, I would say in that alone you have your answer.

    • Just to clarify: the Trinitarian Christian belief is that God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are spirits…no bodies. God the Son (Jesus) upon his incarnation took on a physical form. He mains that form (with a glorified body) now and forever. How that actually works within the Godhead we don’t fully understand but will one day.

      • Actually the Spirit indeed is spirit but in Christian doctrine is that God is anthropomorphic. “Let us make man in our own image”, he may be a “spirit body” but the Christian Tradition is man looks like man.

  5. I thank Jack for picking up on the idea that government will often tax the people for a specific purpose, such as paying for a road, but after the road is paid for, the government continues to tax us. I’m still paying the 1936 tax for the electrification of rural communities! As I drive through the countryside, I see lights in all the major areas. That job is done, but the government has seen fit to bring broadband Internet to rural communities. 100 years from now, my great, great, great grand children will be paying to build backyard nuclear power plants in rural communities.

    It never ends.

  6. Regarding segregation… it was President Woodrow Wilson who segregated the military and many other government agencies. Not Calvin Coolidge.

    “segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentlemen.” — President Woodrow Wilson (I think around 1918).

    “Whether in the military service, or in the vast mobilization of industrial resources which the war required, the Negro did his part precisely as did the white man. He drew no color line when patriotism made its call upon him. He gave precisely as his white fellow citizens gave, to the limit of resources and abilities, to help the general cause. Thus the American Negro established his right to the gratitude and appreciation which the Nation has been glad to accord.” — President Calvin Coolidge, 1924.

  7. Hi Jack, Alex, my dentist is an Irish Jew, an excellent dentist, totally dedicated to his clients like no other service I have ever met, I have been with him over 20 years. He once mentioned to me on the subject of diet that Jews do not eat any creature which had its skeleton outside its body ‘exo-skeleton’, for example a lobster, however he did not know the exact reason why this came about. Can anyone here tell me the origion of this, was it for health reasons?

    • I am going to say living in a desert with no electricity, that many of the Kosher rules make a lot of sense from a health and safety stand point alone and that may be some part of their genesis, though I do not speak for Alex or for any person of Jewish faith.

      Just to me almost every dietary rule I have hear of from the Jewish faith makes some sense in that context.

    • Jews I think follow the rules of Leviticus. Lobster, shrimp, crabs, etc are considered scavenger animals are considered to be unclean.

    • FYI, the Bible gives no reason for following kashrut (the laws of being kosher). G-d simply lists the criteria for identifying an animal that is kosher. Split hooves and chews its cud. Various birds but not the really big ones, and fish with fins and scales. Do not mix meat and milk. That is about it.

      The rabbis have added to the list or more closely defined it. The rules only apply to Jews, however. For non-Jews, the rule is… don’t eat anything that is still alive.

      • Even so I see lots and lots of logic for the kosher list. Though I am not Jewish I follow it. I find it to be an apologetic for the authenticity of the Bible as well; Thousands of years (for example) before science demonstrated that shellfish clean up polluted waters and suggested that it’d be wise not to ingest these poisons, an ancient nomadic people possessed this knowledge, knowledge that I have great doubts they could have understood on their own. I just don’t see that possible unless the Creator of the earth gave them that knowledge. I marvel at Permaculture, and I marvel even more at the God who invented the mechanisms for it.

  8. Instead of putting your hands on the wheel and wallet on the dash, take out your carry permit and license out and hold them out the window with both palms facing the officer. This will instantly put him at ease. I have never gotten a ticket when doing this. Also relax and talk to them like they are regular people without all the sir’s and I’m sorry’s, and don’t try to bull shit them. Treat them like they are people and they will almost always treat you like a person instead of a suspect or a criminal.

  9. Great show and loved the video/audio on labels.

    I have a question about buying eggs locally. What do I need to know and are there any questions I ask (washing?) before working with someone who has posted on a buy/sell Facebook group? I’d also appreciate more information on how to source local meat, etc. Our family has been conventional with groceries and I’d like to learn more about the balance of buying organic, buying local and doing so for the best values. Any existing shows on that? Thanks.

  10. The discussion on government schools is interesting. I’m living in Oklahoma and the schools that native Americans were forced to attend were referred to as government schools. They may have dressed them up now, but the program is still the same: indoctrination, compliance, and destruction of individual thinking and initiative.

  11. Could I please get a link to the video/audio message from this episode? Thanks again.

  12. Neal Boortz was calling them government schools a LONG time ago. I was listening to him in the 90’s and he was using that term.

    here’s a quote from 2009 –

    They’re government schools, not public schools. They’re owned by the government: located on government property, staffed by government employees and funded with money the government seizes from taxpayers.

    And, like most things government, they are complete disasters. Notice, please, I referred to government schools as disasters, not failures. The sad fact is these government schools have performed exactly the way our politicians and industrialists planned for them to perform 100 years ago.

    They manage to educate our children only to the point that most become subservient government subjects and good employees and not much more. ( If you want to learn the truth about government schools, just read “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto.)

    • Now that you say that I know I have either heard or read it before. Something tells me it was part of a self made youtube documentary type thing.

  13. Your facts about the teacher are a little off. He did not have a conceal carry permit. the officer stopped them because he fit the description of a person that did an armed robbery the day before and his girlfriend was actually carrying the same carton of cigarettes that were taken in the robbery. Not saying he did the robbery but we have to wait for the FACTS!!!

    • Exactly! It was a BOLO case, which I’ve just learned means “Be On The Lookout”. Was NOT a taillight malfunction at all. Man, we are quick to judge, in this case, it’s that cop being slimed, again. Similar to Darren Wilson the cop in the “Hands up, Don’t shoot” fraud.

      This guy, Sundance, at The Conservative Treehouse is simply a researching maniac when it comes to this stuff.

      • I would bet a dollar to the dime that the cop did tell them that a bad tail light is why he pulled them over, in a situation like that people don’t make shit up like that.

        And the cop said, “he looked like a suspect” and added, “due to his wide nose”, COPS WORDS JOSH, not mine.

        Oh but holly fuck! Talk about profiling!

        • Indeed, but more than just randomly pulling a black guy over for a “broken taillight” as the media would have us believe.

          Seems to me this is what profiling SHOULD be about. Dude, looked similar to perp in an armed robbery. is this the perp? pull him over and find out. Just cause he said something ab his nose, oh well, you look pretty doggone similar to the perp at large.

          Was it not profiling the dude in the cammo pants, gas mask AND body armor? Of course it was. Did it make sense? of course.

        • If you mix those two you are NOT READY FOR THIS CONVERSATION and out of a desire to not treat you poorly I am done talking to you about this. Go look in the mirror and fucking THINK is all I will say on this, I am done now.

    • And Gary your facts are in error for instance he was NOT A TEACHER, just worked for a school.

      What we do know, a man with no record, with a CCP, was shot during a traffic stop, he did disclose he was a CCP holder as well.

      You know the other guy in Louisiana, we really don’t exactly know and he was armed, resisting and a felon, but in this case, holly fucking shit, it is not defensible.

  14. “Porter Stansberry is the kind of guy who should have a cheese grater inserted into his anus and tied to a building that you set on fire so he has to run and jerk it out as he runs.”

    Why don’t you really tell us how you feel, Jack? 😉

  15. “Learn to be Still”… still working on it, but I will get there. Thanks for playing the request Jack!

  16. Also, I tried making an Android phone GPS/dash cam a few weeks ago. Worked beautifully until the phone overheated and shut down. It works as long as the phone stays cool (e.g. car is running and A/C is flowing), but in Florida summer that’s not working for us. Perhaps it’s because my 12V outlets do not switch off with the key? They are always on, and the phone might get too hot?

    Anyway today I bought a standard GPS off eBay and may be looking into a dash cam. They sell them on eBay for less than $10. Perhaps some phones can handle heat better than mine, I dunno. Here’s one such dash cam:

    Needs a microSD card but those are cheap.

    Love what you said about racism. The end of racism takes a BIG step forward when more people realize we are ALL sinners who need a Savior. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” ~Paul

    • Hey, I’m the guy that wrote in about the dash cam. I agree that the phone can get hot while recording, but so far mine has yet to shut off. And my 12v outlet runs off the key, so it wouldn’t record constantly like your setup. Another reason mine wouldn’t get as hot is because it’s always on airplane mode.
      I do like your cam though, and the price is right to give it a try. I’d like to install a second cam facing backward as I’ve nearly been rear ended twice by drunk drivers coming home at night.
      I’ll second your recommendation of Bambuser. I have it on my main phone (not dash cam). I’ve only played with it a few times, but it seemed to work ok.

      • Yah mine’s in airplane mode, perhaps the difference is mine just doesn’t cut off and is always running even in a hot car. Or a difference in make/model? Mine is an LG Ultimate II. Also mine runs a GPS app so that’s always running, and the GPS antenna is always running. These things may make the difference.

        I got tired of messing around with it so I bought a dedicated GPS yesterday, one that’s built for heat. Thinking about buying the cam but haven’t got it yet.

        Oh and for phone mounts, check the local flea market. Mine is fab and cost me $4.

  17. Oh and you mentioned recording and uploading. A good app for that is Bambuser. You can kick off the recording then lock your phone. As long as you’ve got a signal it’ll stream and upload to the cloud. They can throw your phone in the river but it’s still saved the data safely. It uploads to the Bambuser site and you can specify that the recordings be private, for your eyes only.

  18. What no comments good/bad on the cops taking away this bad guy’s right to a trial by killing him when they could have waited him out and at the same time making sure that not a person existed where could get a shot off at them. Put the cops in APC’s and remove all other persons from with downtown Dallas if necessary (which I know would not be necessary) and wait him out even if it took days.

    • Fuck no, God Damn are we getting this stupid? You have a guy that has already killed 5, wounded 7 more, with body armor in a concrete structure firing shots that are bouncing around like lethal ping pong balls, who turns down the ability to surrender for two fucking hours, yea you take him the fuck out, and you are fool if you think otherwise.

      • I see your logic Jack but how does that work with the 5th Amendment? Go easy on me as I’m not into law at all, just asking 🙂

        “No person shall be (..) deprived of life (..) without due process of law…”

        • The fifth amendment does NOT apply while you are actively trying to kill people.

          Again it doesn’t even matter if say the man was not the shooter just another guy with a gun, once you are saying “I am going to kill you” and shooting at people, you don’t get a trial you get fucking dead.

          Use your head, a guy breaks into your house, he has a gun, are you fucking obligated to not shoot him and make him stand trial.

          What is stupid is if they shot the fucker we would not even have this discussion. So they used a charge, a charge, a bullet, a giant weight on your head, a laser beam, etc. DOES NOT MATTER, death doesn’t come in degrees.

  19. I might be talking out of my ass, but couldn’t they have used a flash bang to stun him or one of those sound machines to disorient him?

    • Next time some one is trying to kill you and your friends, try it and let me know.

  20. So, agents of the government used a Remote device to deliver an explosive payload to a threat. why not just use a Hellfire from a predator drone?what is the real difference between the two? In my opinion this is a terrifying precedent. don’t get me wrong… This guy needed to take a dirt nap, but I can’t think of any other time that the government has bombed American citizens on American soil. if they feel they can do this in that circumstance, what is to hold them back in the next? In an attack where there’s a guy with a gun at least have a chance… But I don’t have a chance against the government bombing American citizens.

    • I think this is being blown (pun not intended) out of reality. The fucker was trying to kill people, wearing body armor and had taken multiple hits to no avail. He was hopped up on speed, they used the most efficient method with the least collateral damage.

      Death doesn’t come in degrees! If they sniped him, no one would even blink, dead is dead. The method was actually smart and likely saved lives, next time you are in a CONCRETE structure with bullets bouncing around like lethal ping pong balls you can make the call!

      And it isn’t double speak, it was confusion because unlike Orlando this one was totally organic that is why, this looked real because it was real and when it is real no one knows what the fuck is going on.

  21. Jack, I have a question for you. You talked about a 3rd term for Obama and I agree that that scenario isn’t going to happen. I have heard another version bit am not sure of its feasibility: let’s say there is widespread chaos such that it is “necessary” to declare nationwide martial law. In such a situation, would that prevent the elections and a new prez until ML was ended? It does seem like various cities are being “tested” for volatility to that or some other end. If not to prevent the elections…do you have a theory on why cities seem to be being “tested” for pushbutton issues and ease of flare up? Or am I reading too much into the events of the past year?

    And a quick note: I saw a picture of UN jeeps on a cargo truck heading to Charleston SC. The person didn’t catch that they were heading toward a harbor not from it. I think logic says those were going to a ship to head somewhere else. But that is the type of thing conspiracies are made of.

    • Sorry I just shot myself in the head with my airsoft gun while reading this, so I can’t answer it.

  22. Sorry to have bothered you with a sincere question. I thought just maybe you could answer about martial law but you are too busy being a smartass. One reason I stopped being a member of the support brigade.

    • Sincere questions can be dumb questions. And anyone who says there are no dumb questions isn’t the person answering all the questions.

      As to your comment about the brigade, what the hell ever. If you want to be ignored go to other content producers they will just ignore you or feed on your fear.

      I will be honest with you, even when you don’t like it. If you don’t respect that it is not my problem.

      Cities are being “tested” oh for the love of God, here is the podcast you should be tuning into,

      and when you get tired of the bullshit, come on back we will be right here just like we have for 8 years now.

    • You need to learn to read, Jack. I wasn’t saying the Blue Helmets were coming. I was commenting that someone was suggesting such since they saw UN Jeeps on a cargo truck heading to Charleston, SC. Charleston is a HARBOR –those jeeps are heading somewhere else. Likely built here for use in other countries. I was pointing out the person didn’t connect the direction they were heading. You assumed because you didn’t like my first comment that my second was “equally stupid”. Neither are stupid. You may disagree but as they say “opinions are like assholes, everyone as one.”

      • I just can’t hear you over the sound of my airsoft gun, repeatedly shooting myself in the head is hard work. The issue with your question by the way was

        “why cities seem to be being “tested””

        Again go to Prison Planet dot com for stuff like that.

  23. Regarding third terms, I heard this same rumor after President Bill Clinton’s two terms in office. It seems that as a people, we still find it incredible that such a transition of power can take place, so we tend to believe in such rumors.

    Power-grabbing is the norm, but it’s not going to happen with President Obama… and even if it was, what would we do about it? We would do the same thing we are doing now… preparing for the most likely disaster, and the next most like disaster and so forth. This disaster is fairly low on the list, right after preparing for Neal Boortz to retire from radio.

    What? He already retired??!!

    Thanks, Obama.


  24. Could not agree more with Jack’s assessment about looking within to change. Best thing about giving up drinking was going to AA and learning that I control me, noone else does. If I want to be angry, pissed, etc. it’s on me. If I want to be happy, compassionate, loving it’s on me too. It’s a constant fight of course.

    “we fight against evil
    we fight against sin
    our battle’s not outward
    our battle’s within”
    -flatfoot 56 brotherhood