Episode-469- Listener Feedback for 7-6-10 — 45 Comments

  1. YES! YES! YES! To Jack’s business vids! Cannot vote this up hard enough.

  2. Absolutely! I would love to hear your business blog. Love the show. Hope to be able to be a member soon.

  3. Jack’s Thoughts on Business – YES. I’d love to watch it! Do it, Do it, Do it. It would be awesome to have a forum for it too – then the community can build on the great thoughts. The whole standing on the shoulders of giants thing.

  4. Jack.
    Anytime you want to spend 5 minutes making a video about your thoughts on business, I’ll watch.

  5. Advice for runner dude: first of all read “Crush it!” by Gary Gaynerchuk.

    There a bunch of other business books that are well worth reading too, so head over to and get started.

    Also become a frikkin’ EXPERT on all aspects of running. Study up like crazy on soft tissue work and physical therapy and stuff like that, I would personally love to listen to a running blog that was knowledgeable on kinesiology, research on barefoot running, anatomy trains, imbalances, prehab, stuff like that, as opposed “just go out and run” type advice.

    Here’s a fitness podcast making $4500 a month:

    Internet Business Mastery is also a quality resource:

  6. Another 200,000 on minimum wage and some will turn into welfare roles -sad.

    Folks, I’m awaiting delivery of my mountain bike, hookin’ up my bike cargo trailer, and heading 87 miles and then into the Cascades for the summer. I’ll be updating my blog, but electricity and being in distance of a cell tower will make updates sporadic.

  7. Another great podcast episode. Would love to see a business blog. Just started my own blog a few months ago and trying to get it going.

  8. Loved the show today. Your first question re: prepping for people with disabilities caught my attention. My father was wheelchair bound from age 56 until his death at age 88. He was someone who was extremely independent before having a debilitating stroke; owned his own business, built his own house, gardened, raised 4 children and passed on his independence to each of us. I know it must have been very tough on him to become dependent on caregivers at such a young age after being so in charge of his own life. I plan to do some more research on the topic and will try to share what I find .. probably will include it in the forum.

    RE: Gangrene.. maggots? REALLY? YUCK.

    Playing the part of contractor for your own home can be done. My husband and I have done it on 2 homes.. both times having the “shell” built to our specifications, then doing most of the finish work ourselves, except for things we knew we would not do very well like sheetrock (tape/float/texture). We installed our own insulation, did our own electrical and plumbing (had the plumbing stubbed out as part of the dry-in), painted, trimmed out, put in much of our own tile, but once again called in the pros to install the carpet and counter tops. We always felt so accomplished and appreciated our own work more than we would have if someone else had provided us with a turn-key house. We did exactly as you mentioned on our second project– purchased an old junker 2BR 1BA mobile home, pulled it onto our land and lived there until the construction was completed. It served a variety of purposes.. We didn’t have to pay rent, we tended to work more on the house because we were RIGHT THERE, we worked FASTER because we hated the cramped little living area and the frequent visitors (mice), and in the end, we sold the mobile home for approx. the same amount we paid for it. One word of advice if you do decide to be your own contractor.. be courteous but FIRM with your subcontractors. You get better work from the people who work for you if you treat their talents and efforts with respect, but hold them to deadlines and never make the last payment installment until the work is done.

    … and as I said earlier…. PLEASE do the business blog. We’d all love to benefit from your experience.

  9. I would definitely dig a podcast by you on business. Please, please do it.

  10. I’d listen to both Jack’s business podcast and the running guy’s podcasts. Go for it!

  11. I suggested in an email that Jack should start a magazine that ties together his various ideas. I’m sure Jack has a better name but my spontaneous idea was “Good Living with Jack Spirko”. It would be a healthy mix of prepping, gardening, indepth reporting on various things, interviews, lifestyle design, personal finance, business, personal development, spirituality, etc. Kind of like Oprah Magazine meets Soldier of Fortune, lol :p

    In my experience a magazine can be done on the cheap and still be high quality (in fact we’ve spent a grand total of $0 so far). Print on demand services like are available, and people are often willing to write articles for very little compensation. Jack would have to provide the editorial big picture thinking but the content could be “outsourced”, ie if he wanted an article on wilderness survival he would contact the expert on that, if he wanted an article on a certain aspect of business he would get someone who is a big nerd in that domain to write it, and so on.

    In fact we are running an article called “Standing out in the crowd: 10 reasons why you should run a magazine in the blog” in the upcoming issue of Interesting Times. I can’t post the whole thing here, but the take-away points are:

    1. Can go into more depth than a blog
    2. You get the effect of “the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts”
    3. Unique offering, not many people are doing magazines, at least not on the level of blogs and podcasts
    4. Easier to monetize
    5. More opportunities, more niches
    6. You create more of a legacy than with a blog
    7. You can do print versions
    8. You can bring in people from the outside to produce content for you
    9. You can do theme issues
    10. The social networking aspects are immense, more so than with blogs, people have respect for magazines

    Thoughts on this? Just an idea I got earlier today…

  12. The business video page would be awesome! Please take this post as a resounding YES!

    Also, today marked the end of my own personal “trial period,” listening to your show before committing to a membership to the MSB…I was SOLD after 456, but forced myself to stay with my self-imposed, 3 week trial.

    Thanks for being candid and honest. In this day and age, that is a very rare trait indeed.

    – Alex

  13. I’d be all for a business podcast, but I’d really like to hear a 15-20 minute monologue on current events and politics. You really bring a perspective on topics that is not really available elsewhere.

  14. I’m interested in the business videocast. Is there a way you could setup a subscription through iTunes so I can watch it on my iPod?

  15. just adding my vote for the business vlog. I am starting my own personal brand (hopefully first of many websites launching august 1st)

    thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Loved your comment on how to get a farmer to do thing the permaculture way.When you said that you don’t go up to them and essentially order them to change all their acerage to permaculture right now to save the planet, because they would stick you in the head with their pitch fork for not understanding the business,I was ROFLMAO. I was laughing to the point of tears. Being a farmer’s daughter I could relate to how people have little idea of what farming entails. That being said, I have my Perm.Design cert., but would certainly go it slow as you said. Great podcast and a great laugh for me. P.S. In reality any farmer would probably tell you where to go and what to do when you got there so they didn’t have to clean their fork off ;->

  17. I would also learn much from a business blog. I don’t think I can stand being an hourly worker much longer. At least not for 40 a week.

  18. +1000 on the business vid idea! The fact that it would be unscripted and unedited would be even better. DO IT!

  19. Building an off grid house for 150k is a challenge.
    Some suggestions I have for building your home are:
    Build a basement under the main section that is totally enclosed with concrete, like a box. Run your water pipes through the ceiling to create a heating/cooling effect on the main floor using a switch valve. Hot water in winter & cold water in the summer. It will also give you a solid storm shelter/root cellar.
    Plan your house so that you can put on an addition at a later date. Making the outer walls with 2×6 instead of 2×4 will give you the options of putting in more plumbing, adding in a slim wall safe and makes adding on an addition easier. It will also allow you to have thicker insulation.
    Plan for attic storage even if it is only a small space, don’t waste it. A good floor in the attic is easier to put in from the get go than to do later.
    Buy Factory Seconds! If you can find a place that sells them they are a bargain. Tiles, cabinets, fixtures, etc… Most factory seconds will have a scratch, be slightly off color or some other small defect that you could hide or live with. Buying factory seconds can save you time & money. I’d rather get seconds than have to refinish a bunch of cabinets.
    For things like roofing or tiles you can get several small batches of “leftovers” on the cheap & make a design on your roof or bathroom/kitchen or do sections in patterns. It will make your house a work of art!!
    I have lots of other ideas for you if you want them. Just send me a PM on the forum if you want any other ideas & cost saving tips.

  20. Definitely interested in the business blog! Thanks again for a great show, Jack.

  21. I would love to hear Jack’s thoughts on business stuff. I really loved the building your brand show. I enjoy that stuff. Please do it Jack. Thanks!!!

  22. I would like you to do a business podcast. I would join as a supporting member of that too.

  23. Jack– PLEASE do the business podcast.

    I consider you the third leg of the Ferris/Vaynerchuck/SPIRKO triumvirate.

    I’ve been watching you and how you built your Tsp brand from episode 10, and you’ve been a huge inspiration. Your delivery is BETTER than the other guys for me too…
    DO IT!

  24. Holly crap! I guess I have to do it huh?

    Well it is going to be down and dirty and in video. The site is already up it is at

    I hope to have the first two vids up by tomorrow. I am testing a video host called vzaar and we will see how that goes. They provide an itunes feed and seem reasonably priced so we will see how they do for us.

    The show will eventually be in iTunes but I won’t submit it for approval until I am firm on my video hosting.

    The site is also on buddy press so it is really good for a community, think of it like a mini facebook, integrated forums, user profiles, etc.

    At some point I will need some moderators, don’t offer yet I am just letting you know for now.