Episode-1572- Listener Feedback for 5-11-15 — 23 Comments

  1. 411.172(1) is the relevant section that caught my eye:
    (1) is a legal resident of this state for the six-month period preceding the date of application under this subchapter or is otherwise eligible for a license under Section 411.173(a);

    • Karim-

      First, gratz on moving to Texas.

      If you are visiting Texas and have a CHL, according to wikipedia, 30 states have reciprocity with Texas. I have a friend who is a Department of Public Safety he said there is not a 6 month waiting period. He did say that if your intent is to become a Texas resident, you will need to acquire a Texas CHL.

      Check out this website to see some dialogue on it:

    • I moved to Texas beginning of January. Took CHL class mid-month/fingerprints/sent in forms and had my CHL back in under four weeks. Faster than I could get a permit to buy a handgun (let alone a carry permit) in NJ! 🙂

  2. And then 411.173 (a) reads (which is why I MIGHT be good):
    (a) The department by rule shall establish a procedure for a person who meets the eligibility requirements of this subchapter other than the residency requirement established by Section 411.172(a)(1) to obtain a license under this subchapter if the person is a legal resident of another state or if the person relocates to this state with the intent to establish residency in this state.

  3. Jack,
    In your latest video on the broad acre swales you mention 1% grade. Are you referring to the angle of the backcut on the swale or the actual slant of the swales off contour? Im guessing you are falling off contour to take the water out the ridges? Just wanting to clarify. Thanks.


  4. Spot on for the newbies starting out Jack! Pay your self first. Live below your means. Get out of and avoid debit. Then expand from there.

  5. If you don’t know what to do with your money or how to invest, I honestly make well over 100% return annually on my MSB membership….

    If you want to invest more, I highly recommend the first 10 episodes of John’s “wealthsteading podcast”. He simply explains the truth about earning, saving, investing and building wealth. I met him at the fall workshop and he is a straight shooter.. If I’d met him 25 yrs. earlier I would be as rich as my Congressman by now..

    2nd shameless plug…I bought one of the Guage Levels described on the show. Much more useful useful than just a simple A Frame. Their website has videos that explain how to use it to measure contour, degrees off contour, even building grade and excavation. Much higher quality than I expected from CNC plywood and same day response to any of my questions…

  6. Regarding TX CHL, my wife and I moved to Texas from Indiana last August. I can confirm that I got my CHL in less than 180 days. I did need to get my TX DL and the requisite training, but that was it.

  7. Spot on advice for the young couple Jack! Investing is one of those things that our generation was told you HAVE TO do in order to be responsible, and the earlier the better. A few generations ago, they would’ve said the same thing about saving, but they just swapped out saving for investing, and now your money needs to be more tied to the system earlier and longer.
    So, in a lot of ways I feel like I speak a different language about money than my peers. They’ll say things like “we’ve become debt free” and I’m thinking that means they don’t have any debt, but they seem to think that means that they paid off one credit card and still have car payments, student loans, and the other 3 credit cards, and payments on some dental surgery, a couch, and a computer or something. It’s completely baffling and frustrating, I could only imagine what my parents and grandparents generations feel.

  8. You were right about one thing you said that probably went by many listeners. The earned benefit we call Social Security is NOT a Ponzi-scheme. It pays for itself until certain politicians and corporate interests put their hands in the cookie. Some of them are trying to privatize it, simply for corporate gain, at the expense of retirees. But Social Security, like Medicare, is a vital program, and it has kept millions of seniors out of poverty. Like Medicare, it works well. And skip the paranoia. The program was created to prevent millions from falling into poverty, not because of some cabal.

    • You really believe that don’t you. This is because you DON’T understand SSI. Good God do you really think it is a retirement fund, ever was a retirement fund?

      And even if it was run as most sheep think it is, it still MUST FAIL IN TIME.

  9. Jack,
    On CCL’s,
    Those that givith “Second Permission”, CAN taketh it away…or modify, adjust, change, alter, or dare I say- “Infringe”.
    That is why I am SO adamantly against playing any part of their game of placing their “Opinion Paper” on top of the U.S. Constitution and the B.O.R..
    …I wonder how long it will be before we have to get a license or permit to speak, practice our religion, etc. ….And I wonder what it will take for ‘we the people’ to employ push-back on those rights.
    …Again , I know you get it, but I refer back to my comments/questions in Episode 1571’s comments.

    • Well this ain’t Star Trek bud this is the real world and you have to be an idiot to risk a god damn felony conviction when you don’t have to. And your choices right now are either to do that or be unarmed.

    • Wow bro, a little derogatory, just asking real world questions.
      In short, Illegal choices have been made for us on many levels, so “capitulate”, or “be an unarmed victim.”
      Got it.
      You know what brother, it’s probably wiser to not answer. Sadly, I think I already know Americas future.

      • 12 Year Old?

        Again just to be totally clear.

        Choice one, carry and do it without a CHL, CCW, etc. Result if you ever need to use it you go to prison for a felony simply for carrying and you might go for doing so without needing it like during a simple traffic stop. This choice is Fing stupid, really really really stupid.

        Choice two, don’t carry on principle. Fine, not stupid but not really smart either. This is cutting your nose off to spite your face, the same idiocy in people that say they won’t buy land/homes over property tax. And if you need a gun and someday you don’t have it, you could or someone you love could end up dead.

        Choice three, get the damn thing and carry legally. Do I find these laws unconstitutional sure, but I find 80% or more of our laws equally unconstitutional. Guns are not holy relics nor are they rainbow farting unicorns, if we held every law to the same standard we seem to hold gun laws to, most of us would just sit in our homes, acomplish nothing and starve to death.

  10. The info about the swales was awesome, clear and inspired – I wish I could have heard it last year! I figured it out, exactly as described, in my case using the bamboo pole solution. Very happy with the result. 🙂

  11. Jack,
    I cant seem to find the R=(Square root)FA (X-40GAFF) Equation you talked about in the opening. Will you please direct me to it?

    Thank you,